Not fit to live with pigs…

Proving that some would shit on their own doorsteps... 1:45pm, Saturday, 4th September 2010

A guy fishing (I refrain from the term ‘fisherman’) near the former mill on the Anglesey Branch Canal in Brownhills was recently seen to chuck this bag of rubbish – beer cans, food wrappers – over the hedge into the adjoining field. Unfortunately, his throw fell short. The bag has been there for a couple of weeks now, as due to the ditch and width of the thicket, nobody can reach to remove it. Not only are you a filthy tosser, you are a disgrace to other decent fisherman who care for where they fish. You’re a lousy shot as well. You make me ashamed to be human.

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  1. CAZ says:

    well done for highlighting this problem and saying what most decent human beings think.What annoys me is that they can carry the cans to the canal full, but when they’re empty and obviously weigh less it’s too much trouble to take them home.
    Last year, 4 van loads of people, spent hours clearing all the cans and rubbish from around the Blackcock Bridge.
    Under the canal bridge in Walsall Wood high street, every week there are bags of empty beer cans and broken bottles. one week l picked up and disposed of a roll of tin foil and a plastic bottle taped up with a straw coming out the side which l assumed had been used for some sort of drug taking.

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