Blog news – and more Clayhanger stuff coming

I just thought I’d tell you guys that I’m working on a few posts at the moment, but the rash of interesting diversions lately has resulted in some of them getting pushed down the stack. I’ve got a couple of great local history snippets to cover, some planning applications, discussions about local buildings and a mammoth post about Clayhanger’s recent environmental history, especially for readers [Amme] and [Godfreyoakparkrunner]. Hang in there, it’s more time consuming than I often realise.

You may notice a new tab at the top – I’ve used for a couple of years, and have transferred my account to BrownhillBob, so blog readers can see what I’m listening to, and how awful my taste in music really is… I love the community there and if you like finding new stuff to listen to, have a browse.

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