Lichfield is not racist, says mayor over sticker

Had to laugh at this…

Lichfield is not racist, says mayor over sticker.

I notice Lichfield’s Mayor is apparently far more upset that Lichfield is accused of being boring than he seems to be about the area being labelled racist. If being mealy-mouthed should ever become an competitive event, I trust this gentleman be put forward for the British team – surefire Olympic gold and no mistake. After the atrocious, ongoing unpleasantness on Facebook recently, I would seriously contest his concluding sentence.

My respect to the originator of the sticker – urban mischief at it’s finest.

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  1. stymaster says:

    “LOL” is a much overused Internetism these days, with some using it as a substitute for punctuation, but I actually, really did LOL at the sticker.

    In actual fact, I rather liked the last time I went drinking in Lichfield. If only there were a decent bus service, I’d do so more often.

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