Can you help Ray find an old workmate, please?

Just had this interesting enquiry from Ray Hart, who’s looking for a former workmate who lived at least for a time in the high rise blocks in Brownhills, and worked at Hardy Spicer (Now GKN Driveline) in Erdington, near Castle Bromwich.

I’ll let Ray explain:

Good afternoon Bob.

I’m searching for a very old pal of mine Ray Fryer.

Ray and I worked together at Hardy Spicer in Erdington circa 1962, at the time Ray and his wife lived Lozells. In 1967 I think? They lived in one of those blocks of flats on the left as you drove into Brownhills from Birmingham. Waine, Bayley & Humphries Houses.

There’s no problem at all. I’m sure many of us have been having a good sort out as a result of Covid 19. During one such sort, I came across some photo’s of Ray and his toddler daughter playing with my toddler son, in our garden taken in the summer of 1967.

Like me he would be in his mid seventies. It would be brilliant to meet him again, and of course, give him the photographs.

Look forward to any info my may be able come by.

Many thanks
Ray Hart

Did you know Ray Fryer or his family? I don’t recognise the name, but I do know many people in the Brownhills and wider area worked at Hardy Spicer so I think we have a good chance of reuniting old workmates here.

If you can help, please do. If you know anything, please mail me, preferably on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com and I’ll hook you up.

Hardy Spicer – now GKN Driveline – was just a quick hop down the Chester Road from Brownhills and id still a large employer of local people. Imagery from Apple Maps.


You can comment on this post too, but obviously I may have to edit any personal info posted, but will pass it on.

Thanks to Ray for a lovely enquiry and I wish him luck in his search.

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6 Responses to Can you help Ray find an old workmate, please?

  1. Jean Willey says:

    Hello Bob/Ray. Was the name of your friend Ray, Barbara? I have found a Raymond Fryer born 1945 in Birmingham. They married in 1963 and had a daughter Carol Ann in 1766 b. Birmingham and a son Mark b.1968 in the district of Aldridge. Also, I am sad to say that a Raymond Fryer born 1945 died in the district of Aldridge in 1975. There was another Raymond born in Birmingham at about the same time, so this may not be your Ray. I could try to follow up on Barbara if this is of help to you.
    Jean Willey

  2. Carol Williams says:

    I am Ray’s daughter. I have emailed bob to forward my details to RayHart

  3. Mike Hughes says:

    Why are you using my photograph in your web page?

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      It was found in image search for Hardy Spicer on a Brum history site, uncredited. Happily remove it or credit you.


      • Mike Hughes says:

        Bob. I am happy for you to credit me please. Hardy Spicer was part of my life for nearly 10 years. I have many happy memories working there. The photo was taken in January 1985. A week after I left.

        • BrownhillsBob says:

          Mike that’s very kind. It was on a Pinterest board of HS marketing material so I imagined it to be a company photo.

          Apologies. I will credit you forthwith.

          Seriously, if you wished to write about those days I’d be only to happy to post your article. Many here have fond memories of Hardy’s

          Thanks and best wishes

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