Do you want to volunteer to help those in isolation or the vulnerable locally? Here’s how….

As the current Coronavirus situation evolves, a number of community initiatives are springing up around our area (and indeed, the country of course) to support the elderly, vulnerable and those who may be in isolation.

Isolation will make life difficult for those undergoing it. Image from BBC News.

Following the report I carried on Sunday March 15th which detailed the starting of a scheme in Lichfield, Walsall East Locality Manager and all round top bloke John Morris from Walsall Council is hoping to co-ordinate help and volunteers to this end for our geographic area, and yesterday issued the appeal below.

If you can help, please do: t’s at times like this community is most valuable and I thank the hundreds of you who have been in touch for your human kindness, selflessness and dedication to others.

John Morris wrote:

Promoting Neighbourliness and helping those who are isolated

Can you or someone you know volunteer and support anyone in your neighbourhood who is in isolation or vulnerable, or could be in the foreseeable future?

In response to the current situation around Coronavirus (Covid-19), Walsall Council and partners are working together in readiness to support our community, especially the elderly and vulnerable residents. 

If you as an organisation or an individual would like to help with this by volunteering (for example, shopping, picking up medications, etc.) or providing resources (for example, storage facilities, kitchen facilities, etc.), please contact me as soon as possible on the details below. 

Please share this message with others who may also want to give their support.

Thank you.
John Morris

Locality Manager – East
Resources and Transformation

Walsall Council
Civic Centre – 1st Floor Zone 1b
Darwall Street
Walsall WS1 1TP

Tel: 01922 653711
Mobile: 07852 421421



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