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What a lovely thing. Image kindly supplied by Seth Weber. Click for a full size version.

An intriguing one here from reader Seth Weber – I’m not sure where he resides exactly, but his mother grew up in Brooklyn, New York during the war and had a penfriend Eileen Anslow, who lived on the Pleck Road in Walsall.

Seth is trying to trace Eileen or her family if possible – I’m wondering if the Anslow boys may be some assistance here? If not there are plenty of local history sleuths and archive diggers who I feel may be at a loose end who may like this one and be able to help.

Seth wrote:


My mother grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

During World War II she exchanged letters with a Walsall resident, Eileen Anslow, on Darlaston Rd.

Attached you will find photos of the letters. I tried some amateur sleuthing to find Ms. Anslow or relatives just to see if they are interested in seeing the letters after 75 years.

I was not as successful as I would wish.

Hoping maybe your blog or Facebook page members might aid in the search.

Merry Christmas.

Seth Weber

I include the letter images as supplied.

Thanks to Seth for a fascinating enquiry. I really hope we can help you my friend.

If you can assist, please do: Comment here on this post, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot Com or hit me up on social media.

Thanks everyone!

Image kindly supplied by Seth Weber. Click for a full size version.

Image kindly supplied by Seth Weber. Click for a full size version.

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5 Responses to Letter from America

  1. andkindred says:

    Hello Bob

    I’m a bit busy right now, but had a quick look at the 1939 Register:

    42 Coronation Road, Brownhills U.D., Staffs. Born 21 Sep 1927. At school. Single. No middle name or initial. Note: Married name Ferguson. These records were updated until some time in the 1980s (I think). There was a brother Thomas F Anslow, born 8 Apr 1919.

    Will have a look later. (I was delayed by having to reattach the gear cable (which was fitted by an engineer only about 2 weeks ago) to the gear lever; I was stuck in forward gear, but fortunately going dead slow to stop for water.

    Best wishes and happy New Year

  2. John Anslow says:

    Hello Bob.

    Coincidentally, my mother’s name would have been Eileen Anslow by 1944, but she wasn’t the writer of the letter.

    The 1939 Register shows James and Nellie Anslow living at 296, Darlaston Road, together with two others (presumably children), whose records remain closed.

    If brother Paul knows of this family I’ll let you know, though I don’t recall any mention of them.

    All the best,
    John A

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I think I may be able to help…Please contact me .via email when convenient
    kind regards

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