A family history question from The Hussey estate and Walsall Wood: Can you help, please?

Do you remember the Beddows family of the Hussey Estate and Walsall Wood? Image from Apple Maps.

I’ve had a very interesting enquiry from Emma Mills who’s working on her family history which involves a family that were resident in Walsall Wood and the Hussey Estate just before World War Two.

I thank Emma for a very interesting enquiry – she wrote:

Hello Bob

I’m looking for some assistance in finding information of some of my ancestors.

The Beddows were originally from Walsall Wood and Hussey Road, Brownhills area which I know was where they were in 1939.

Lily Beddow I believe was married to William Barnard and their daughters were Hilda Beddow and Eliza Barnard.

Any help would be great! 🤔

I know we still have the surname Beddows locally and there are a fair few with that surname about – but the question is, are they related?

What do you know, and can you please help?

Please comment here, say hi on social media or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com – thanks to Emma for a really interesting curiosity

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  1. andkindred says:

    Not sure what you have already done, but one starting point could be the 1939 Register, which gives address, occupation and date of birth, with other family members. You could then try to find people who were old enough in the 1911 census and work backwards. Newspaper archives might help, for example with reports of family events, where siblings and other relations might be identified. Andy

    PS. Back in the early-mid-sixties some folk named Beddows lived in a large house that stood back from the corner of Watling Street and Howdles Lane, roughly where the shops are now. Martin Littler might remember more?

    • i dont knw if this is of any help but there was a syd bedows lived with his mother inthe avenues off lichfield road brownhills i think it was the 3rd he worked for the chasetown electricity company for many tears he never married

  2. Evelyn Humphrey says:

    There was a Mr and Mrs Beddows live in the cottage on the corner of Queen Street just by the canal bridge . Their daughter Ruby married and lived on the farm in Hall Lane .

  3. Martin Littler says:

    Looking at the names in the letter they don’t ring a bell, but as Andrew says there was a family of Beddows who lived at the top of Howdles Lane, i suppose it would have been No 1 as like us they lived on the odd numbers side of the Lane, they had Children ( i’m not sure of the order ) Berther she Married Samuel Shingler Jr ,Samuel ,Daisy, there was another daughter but for the life of me cannot think of the name, they may have been relation to the Beddows in the letter, as my Mother use to say if you have lived in an area for many years and you have got the same surname then most likely you will be related some how, people did not travel far in those days.

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