Clayhanger or bussed!

Boy have I a lot of stuff to catch up with – with last weekend being the busiest event weekend of the summer and me taking a break for some long bike rides, I’ve neglected you guys on the blog. Sorry about that. Hopefully I can rectify that in coming days.

With that in mind I’ve had this gem in from reader Andy Shears, who was clearly a Clanger lad when this picture was posted in the local paper in 1967.

It appears to be a school bus protest:

November 20th 1967 – from the typeface looks like the Express and Star. Click for a larger version.

 Andy said:

Hi Bob

Enclosed pic and clippings from 1967 Nov 20. Found this while going through some old paperwork in moms house. I was 9 at the time

Do we know who every kid was, or still is ?

I can supply a copy of the text if required

Andy Shears

Now, I’m aware the issue of busses in Clayhnager was a vexed matter for many years – senior school age kids had to walk over The Spot to get to Brownhills or up either of the two roads into Clayhanger which weren’t pleasant back then, particularly in bad weather.

Clayhanger, to the best of my knowledge, didn’t get a bus at all until the Bloxwich circular minibus  service started around 1987. This ended the almost siege-like isolation many of the village felt – with the place being so isolated it’s always been in a bit of a unique position.

Thank you Andy for an excellent contribution – and I would love to see the text so I can add it, and as he asks, I’d be fascinated to know who the kids – and the adult are. Some great placards too – I note Councillor Burt seems to be in support, but what’s the reference to Don Everall?

If you can help, please do: Comment here or mail me: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com, or tug my sleeve on social media.

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4 Responses to Clayhanger or bussed!

  1. Ann Cross says:

    Don Everall Coaches rings a bell!

  2. Gareth Williams says:

    After villagers petitioned West Midlands at County Hall, Jack Wickson and his mini buses ran a limited service.

  3. Graham says:

    Don Everall were the big coach operators from Wolverhamption.

  4. TINA HILL says:

    we had Mandy coaches for a while but they kept letting us down. then Mr wickson got a coach, and took us to school. he would also put a taxi on for us to go to the memo disco. the money for the coach was collected door to door every week. Shire oak children didn’t get a coach for quite some time. It was a blessing not to have to walk over the black spot in the winter, all our black wellies on th radiator to dry for coming home. None of school shut because of snow, the bigger kids used to carry us on their shoulders as snow was that deep.
    The argument was about any buses getting under the bridge near the pelsal road.

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