Got kids? You are invited to a family fun day at Chasewater this Sunday

Local mum Claire Mason is staging something rather lovely at Chasewater this Sunday (7th April 2019) that people with kids (or looking after them!) can get involved with to socialise and have fun.

Loads to do at Chasewater for all ages. Image from Enjoy Staffordshire.

Claire has noticed that it can be quite isolating being a parent with young kids and wants to organise informal play and meeting groups at local parks and attractions, and is kicking off by inviting you to join her this Sunday, 7th April 2019 at Chasewater, where you can meet by the cafe at 11:15am.

There’s no fixed plan, but Claire wants it to be organic and see what folk attending would like to do. That could be feeding the birds, playing ball games and sports, having a picnic or whatever suggestions come up.

The weather looks to be dry and warmer, so if you’re a mum, dad, grandma or grandpa with kids at a loose end, why not pop along? This is how the great Chasewater Strollers started, and that grew into the wonderful Spark Burntwood, so the sky’s the limit!

You can join the Facebook group for the event here.

We all love Chasewater! Image kindly shared by Steve Martin.

Claire Mason said:

Fun family day for moms dads nans grandads with children to play ball games (football,rounders,catch etc.) bring food for ducks and if nice a picnic.

You dont have to stay all day just come and meet new people and have fun.Children can play while adults socialise.

(If anyone has any other outdoor games bring them along or bring your ideas)

Everyone welcome

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