Do you walk your dog in Hillside, Shire Oak and drop your poo bags – bad luck, you’re on CCTV

Screenshot from CCTV supplied by resident

If you walk your dog on Hillside, Simmonds Way or the alleyway between Hillside and Lindon Road and if you’re the person that is tossing away your dog’s poo bags as you walk when you think nobody is looking, the residents of Hillside would like you to know they have several video clips of you discarding you dog waste in this way.

If your activities do not cease these clips will be passed to the authorities.

If you’re responsible enough to own and walk your dog, dispose of its waste properly, not toss it onto the footpath when you think nobody is looking.

The council have just had to make a special effort to clean discarded bags from the alleyway. Think on.

Thanks to residents of Hillside for contacting me about this.

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8 Responses to Do you walk your dog in Hillside, Shire Oak and drop your poo bags – bad luck, you’re on CCTV

  1. S Lote says:

    This also happens in Simmons Way which runs into Hillside. I’ve also had these disgusting dog walkers throwing the full bags over the fence into my garden. All incidents have been reported.

  2. John says:

    I wondered what low life was doing this!!!

  3. Alan says:

    Why go to the effort of putting it in a bag, and then dump it! I think they need there heads looking at.

  4. Mike Kitchen says:

    Brilliant news, thx for the update đź‘Ť

  5. Tracy heap says:

    I live in Simmonds Way, why don’t you show who this person is ?

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      For three reasons.

      Primarily having seen what happens when the internet develops into a witch hunt, I have no wish to trigger such a situation.

      Secondly, if the person realises they can be identified, hopefully they’ll stop without further action needed. if not, we can pass the footage to the relevant agencies who can deal with it in a legal manner without the whole thing getting nasty.

      Thirdly, the person who sent it to me specifically asked that the person not be directly identifiable, for the reasons above with which I 100% concur.



  6. Barbara sidaway says:

    Where’s the picture of the owner, I live Hillside and walk my dig round here and I certainly do not leave any poo around

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      The film actually shows a person looking around and dropping the bag, and unless that dog is yours you have nothing to worry about (other than the issue at at hand).


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