The one that didn’t get away

Just a quick one I’ve been meaning to dig out for a week or more, following the ongoing interest in the monster of Norton Pool as detailed here a few weeks ago.

Most focus seemed to be on the monster being a pike – well, there was actually a large pike – said to be caught in Norton Pool (Chasewater) in 1912 that was stuffed and mounted on display in the now long gone Queens Head Inn on Watling Street.

I’d love to know what happened to this peculiar item of ephemera. Clarice Mayo and Geof Harrington featured the following images in their book ‘Memories of Brownhills Past’:

Do you know what happened to the stuffed pike? From ‘Memories of Brownhills Past’ by Clarice May and Geof Harrington. Click for a larger version.

Come on then folks: What do you know? Comment here, shout me on social media or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks. And er, tight lines!

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  1. Pedro says:

    Lichfield Mercury 17 May 1912…A GOOD CATCH

    H Barnard of St-James’s place, whilst fishing in the Reservoir on Friday caught 9 pike, the largest weighing over 8lbs. A pike weighing 13 and a quarter lb, and measuring 37in in length was caught on Chasetown side of Norton pool on Tuesday by W Hassall, a member of the Queen’s Head Angling society.

  2. Pedro says:

    The pike in Norton Pool had been loosing weight.

    Albert Brown caught pike in Norton Pool 13.5lb, 37.5 in long and 13in in girth back in 1905.

  3. Warren Parry says:

    my Neighbour caught a 25lb pike back in the late 70s. they brought it home and my mom cooked it……it was vile! Poor pike, killed just for me and my mates to think it tasted horrid.

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