Tree, cheers!

Here’s an important one from old pal and top Brownhills community person Susan Forster of Brownhills. Every year I receive complaints that Brownhills has no Christmas tree, the lights aren’t good enough and so forth – we even made the national news over it over it a few years ago.

Well, Susan is proposing to do something about the situation. Since Christmas trees in Walsall have for many years had to be privately or community funded, if we want one here in Brownhills, we’re going to have to raise the money, and we need to get is sorted by midsummer.

To this end, there’s a meeting at Brownhills Community Centre (The old Central Boys School or Annexe on the Miner Island) in the Lamp Arts facility there this coming Saturday, 23rd February 2019 at 10:00am where those interested can share ideas, hear proposals and get the ball rolling.

As I promised all those years ago I am happy to make a substantial cash contribution to this. But we all need to help, and we need to raise a lot of money to carry it off.

Every year I get bombarded with complaints – well, if folk want this sorting, now’s the time to get involved. It will not sort itself.

I will be sharing news from the appeal here, and I’d like to publicly than Susan for taking on this huge task – Brownhills has a true asset in this fine lady and I wish her and the appeal well.

If you have any comments or enquiries, comment here, pin me down on social media or email me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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