Discovering Clayhanger’s lost big house – what do you know?

Here’s an interesting one from old friend of the blog Steve Sambrooke, who now lives in New Zealand but was originally from Clayhanger – a photo from the grounds of Caddick House, and it’s genuinely something I thought I’d never see.

This 1902 1:1,250 mapping overland on a modern Google Earth satellite photo shows Caddick House adjacent to the old mineral line at the south of Clayhanger itself. By all reports, it was a handsome house. Click for a larger version. Image from the NLS archive.

Caddick House was in an odd position – it’s long since lost to housing but stood roughly where Bramble Close is today, at the end of Church Street. For any years it was surrounded by a caravan park to the north and east.

I know very little about the caravan park, when it was created and when it disappeared, and indeed, if it was anything to do with Caddick House. I do know that several local folk spent their childhoods there.

Lichfield District Council’s 1963 aerial imagery record what must have been the final years of Caddick House (highlighted). Note the caravan park is clearly visible. Click for a larger version – Imagery courtesy Gareth Thomas/Lichfield District Council.

Steve wrote:

Caddick House in the late 1950s, possibly. Image kindly supplied by Steve Sambrooke. Click for a larger version.

Hi Bob,

I noticed in your blog that you referred to Caddick House some years ago.

I don’t know if it’s any interest to you but the attached photo was taken in the driveway of it.

I was born there in 1954, at the time it was owned by the National Coal Board and my parents rented it for a few years.

It was a lovely place, it had it’s own stables and an Orchard. 

Steve Sambrooke 
(Born in Clayhanger, now living in Wellington New Zealand)

Thanks to Steve for what is a real gem – have a very merry Christmas and happy new year old chap!

I am of course interested in anything readers can add, please: Do you remember Caddick House or the caravan park? Can you help with what happened to them?

If you can add anything, please do: Comment on this post, mail me or tug my sleeve on social media. Clayhnger history is still very much shrouded in mystery and it would be great to expand upon it if we can.

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  1. hi steve breetings from aer reg i seam to recall there was once a track over the rail way line and came out in green lane once open a time in that area god bless

  2. John Anslow says:

    This brings back memories of delivering the Christmas post round Clayhanger in December 1966 and reading the cards out aloud for an old lady living on the caravan site.

    Someone at a big house gave me a five-bob tip; could that have been the occupant of Caddick House?

  3. Pedro says:

    A few mentions in the Press…

    30 AUG 1935 Garden fete (in Grounds of Caddick House kindly lent by MR. W. Wood.)

    3 May 1941 William Henry Southern, Caddick House, Clayhanger, manager of the colliery.

    17 Sep 1909 at Mr P Neville, Caddick House

    28 May 1954 Sale of pasture land situate at rear of Caddick House at by trustees of William Howdle.

    In May 1879 MR John Caddick, Caddick House.

  4. Pedro says:

    The garden fete of 1935 included the Brownhills Co-op Male voice Choir under the conductorship
    of Mr. George Fullelove. Dancing took place on the lawn under electric illumination.

  5. c wood says:

    Hi, i moved from 21 high street Clayhanger to 85 Rose drive around 1960.
    we moved into a brand new council house This was before the caravan site was built.
    Our back garden backed onto a old cottage with a orchard and the cottage was next to Caddick house. The cottage and orchard was demolished years ago and the Police houses were built on the grounds..

    I remember as a young child i was friends with two Boys who lived in Caddick house but i cant remember there names, we used to play in there garden and i remember the house had stables and was quite large. I also remember playing there when it was being demolished ( late 60s)

    I also remember the building of the Caravan site which had concrete pitches and purpose built toilet block and showers .
    I Made friend with a few families that were on the site and went to school with some of them.
    The Barnards were a family that i remember well and was good friends with there two sons Lenny and Steven The latter owns Brownhills road sweepers i believe.

    My Dad who worked at Walsall wood Colliery used to get a lift home on the Train that ran from the Pit to Pelsall sidings, He got of the train outside Caddick house and walked home.

    If i remember right the house was owned bye the Colliery and was the managers house.( altho im not certain)

  6. Sue Taylor says:

    I remember a riding school in Clayhanger which I think must have been based there.Me & my friend would go on rides around Clayhanger every week. I’m not sure but I think the family that ran it had the surname Bullock.

  7. Ray Share says:

    Caddick house I think was near howdells farm Edmund Howdell the butcher should be the man to talk to about the house in the late 1940s I delivered the news papers to Howdells and a few more in Canger all the way to the double bridges on the Pelsall road

  8. Doreen Lewis says:

    My Mom was born in church st. In 1924 and she remembers lots of events taking place there one of these being the Sunday school picnic they also had garden parties as a child always enjoyed going there her name was Joan Marklew.

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