Remembering the Telstars: Rock ‘n’ roll in Cannock in the early 60s

It’s always good to hear from old friends of the blog and last week I had an email from Colin Corbett, who you’ll remember did so much to preserve and spread the musical legacy of the late Roger Mosedale of Aldridge, who passed away a couple of years ago and was subject of several articles here on the blog.

Roger Mosedale (right)  with the Sundowners: Colin Corbett is on drums. Image kindly supplied by Colin Corbett.

Colin has pointed out that this week, there’s a feature on another rock and roll group of that era that he was in, Cannock’s Telstars, in which he played drums. The feature is in the centre pages of the current issue of the Black Country Bugle – it’s on sale right now at good local newsagents (Saturday, 24th November 2018).

I’m sure this will be of interest to anyone into local music of the period, and I must say they look like a fun bunch of lads – legendary comic Ian ‘Sludge’ lees was the singer who sadly passed away recently.

Thanks to Colin for getting in touch and if you have anything you’d like to add, or any memories you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me: You can mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, comment on this post or find me on social media. 

Colin Corbett wrote:

Hi Bob

Thought your readers would like to know that a feature about the Telstars – a 1960s group from Cannock will be in the Bugle centre pages this Wednesday’s Edition 21st November 2018.

Brian Nicholls interviewed me some weeks back and is trying to feature all the groups within the Cannock area eventually and has produced a feature on myself and my story about the groups that I played with.

You may recall I emailed you about a close friend Roger Mosedale  – great guitarist with a group The Sundowners who we sadly lost – I was the drummer.

I then became drummer with the Telstars 1964 -1965 – our singer then was Ian ‘Sludge’ Lees who again we recently lost. 

I would Like to thank Brian Nicholls for what he is doing  – keeping History and some  great memories alive as you yourself do – Thank you.

Hope you can put the feature on the Blog. Hope you like the photos of Sludge & I early days & one of the Sundowners 1962.

Best regards

Images of the Telstars kindly shared by Colin Corbett.

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10 Responses to Remembering the Telstars: Rock ‘n’ roll in Cannock in the early 60s

  1. Keith Bradbury says:

    Splendid nostalgia.. Sad we are all getting old.

  2. Stuart Cowley says:

    I used to work with George Davies , on the end of the line up photo far right. He was also in the Montanas.

  3. Rob Sollom says:

    Hi Bob. I’m not 100% sure, but I think my elder brother, Michael, played drums for this band. Either before or after Colin. I wander if he could confirm that. I remember as a very small boy, drum cases stacked high in his room.

  4. Colin Corbett says:

    Hi Rob
    Yes your brother was with the Telstars before George Davis ( Organist ) and myself. Don’t know why he finished with them – no one ever told me. Is he still around – if so ask him to get in touch – have never met him – would love a chat.
    The group was not too established and needed some guidance when I joined – but found a good manager and things changed dramatically for the good.
    these past few years we have lost Dave Jones ( bass ) Terry Heath ( lead guitar ) and Ian Sludge Lees – just George Davis & Myself left – bit frightening !
    Please get back in touch.
    Colin Corbett

    If you read this BOB – look in your spam again – sent you some more reading from the Bugle.


  5. Colin Corbett says:

    Hi Bob – just wondered if you received the write up I sent you about the Telstars that was in the Black Country Bugle – sent about 2 weeks ago. perhaps it’s gone into your trash again.
    Colin Corbett

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      Thanks Coling I have got your mail just not had time to run that yet. Hopefully this weekend


  6. John Hall says:

    My first gig, with my first girlfriend………….I was sober and as high as a kite

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