Goodbye Janey…

Janey Hatfield: Rest in peace, spud.

It’s my awful duty to share with blog readers that sad news that today (Sunday 4th November 2018), top local lass, admin of the We are the Wood group on Facebook, and videocaster extraordinaire Janey Hatfield was found by her neighbours, passed away at home.

Janey’s son, Sam posted a touching statement on Janey’s facebook page, which can be read by clicking here.

Janey was the very soul of Walsall Wood, and whether meeting up with the old folks for their monthly get together at the Brickies, finding old photos to post on Facebook, entertaining us on live Facebook feed with Russell Smith or just winding up the regulars she did so much more to bring local history and community together than I’ve managed in a decade.

Most of all, Janey was the most excellent online pal, co-conspirator, and the only person ever allowed to call me ‘Fluffy’.

I can’t believe she’ll never take the piss out of me again.

Rest in peace, Spud. You will be missed. Bless you for the fun we had and the trolling we pulled.

My condolences to Janey’s family, friends and all those who loved her. She was such an irrepressible, exuberant character. Life hereabouts will never be the same again. Goodnight, Janey.

Love, Fluffy.

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  1. stymaster says:

    I’d only recently encountered Janey, as I don’t do facebook so much, but she was one of the people that dragged me there; a bright spot of wit and fun in the mire of facebook.

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