Final gallery of entries for the Summer 2018 photo competition

I had a great summer this year. How about you?

About four eons ago, I started the blog and Facebook photo competition for summer 2018 – and I’ve had a terrific response with over 130 entries all summing up something that encapsulated summer for the person who entered it – you can see the gallery of entries below.

Barring any corrections this is the final gallery from which the five winners and five runners up will be selected. Myself and fellow admins of the group – Linda Mason, Phil Griffin ad Richard Burnell plus honorary blog wise owl the young David Evans will each select a winner and a runner up – winners will be announced next Sunday (hopefully) 14th October 2018.

So sorry for the delays. This has been a lot more work than I expected to be honest – but great fun. Thank you all so much for your patience and submissions.

We won’t be looking for technical excellence or top flight equipment or skills – a wonky phone photo capturing something fun can be every bit as good as the carefully shot image by a pro. It’s about feel and intention.

Entries have been limited to one photo per person to make judging easier.

The five winners will be awarded Backyard Brewhouse ale 5 litre (8.8 pint!) minikegs, which are brewed in Brownhills to great acclaim (you’ll need to pick them up from the brewery in Brownhills), and books for the five runners up – if you’re teetotal or living a long way away we’ll come to some other arrangement.

Prizes are as ever, are funded out of my own pocket. The judges decision will be final. This is for enjoyment and good feeling.

If I’ve missed anyone out, sorry -just contact me ASAP and I’ll add any I’ve overlooked. If you’ve messaged me any pictures on FB, please ping me again – it’s a mare to find images in messages.

The images below can all be viewed larger by clicking on them. If there’s an error, you spot a multiple entry or whatever, shout up. To err is human, to balls stuff up totally is my modus operandi.

If you’re looking for your image, use your browser’s search option is a good way. On a Mac that’s <option> & <F>.

Thank you everyone.

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