Some mothers did have them – parties, that is…

Brownhills Mothers Union members at their Christmas party in the 1950s. Image kindly supplied by Elizabeth Staples. Click for a larger version.

A little bit of really interesting history passed me by some years ago and popped up again this week from Facebook Memories – this image posted on a local group by the lovely Elisabeth Staples, who I believe is the mother of Mark, who worked on the wonderful Brownhills Memories book featured here previously.

The image is of the Brownhills Mothers Union Christmas party in the 1950s.

Elizabeth said:

Here is a photo of St James Mothers Union Christmas party. I think in the 1950s.

A second photo was contributed by Jane Dyke of the same organisation, which seems to be about the same time. I’m fairly sure the upper photo is in St James Church Hall, due to the curved ceiling, but where is the second? Possibly the Memorial Hall?

I must confess, I don’t think I had any idea that this club/union existed. This is quite a find. What do we know? I’m thinking that Mrs. Parsley must have been involved at some point, surely?

I have some names for ladies in these images, but I thought I’d leave them open for readers to see what they have to offer. Please do comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or prod me on social media.

Thanks to Elizabeth and Jane for lovely pictures and I’m sorry I missed them in 2014!

 Same Mothers Union, similar time I think, different event – and I’d like to know where. Image kindly supplied by Jane Dyke. Click for a larger version.
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6 Responses to Some mothers did have them – parties, that is…

  1. Isobel Dams says:

    A memory stirs in the second photograph – the lady on the extreme right of the middle row I think is the deaconess who was very friendly with Pat and Dennis Lloyd who lived in New Road. I think her name was Sue?

  2. Dawn Hayton says:

    Lovely pictures but I don’t think this is at The Memo as the windows at The Memo are much higher with a bigger gap between the two windows.

  3. Dennis Powell says:

    The photo of the Mother’s Union must be in the 70s, as Freda Thornley is on it. Her husband, Harold, became Vicar in 1971/2.

    • Martin Littler says:

      The second photo,shows the Deaconess SUSHANNAH CHINCHEN she is standing middle row far right, she lived on the Watling Street and took the services at St Thomas Mission Church and St James Church Brownhills ,she was well know to the people of Brownhills born 1884 and died 1974,if you are interested in the History of St James Church then go to www,

  4. the name of the deaconess was susana chichin sorry if it is spelt wrong i recall a number of faces mrs parsley was renown for her public service but i cant recall her being involed within the chapel and church communities ime back hard luck

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