The secret portal

Isn’t this fab? A sketch map of a magical place… Image courtesy of Eryl Powell.

Here’s a lovely thing from local teacher and top chap Eryl Powell, that he sent me last week: A hand drawn map of Brownhills Common in the Parade/Watling Street/Chester Road triangle – designed specifically to make the Common magical for kids.

I think it’s ace. It occurred to me seeing this that the Common has lots of woods, creeks and features and none seem to have names. I like any attempt to give them some identity.

This came about after Brownhills Local Committee paid for a gate to be fitted between Watling Street School and the adjacent Common so that the kids could get down to nature there without being near the road. That’s lovely and giving the kids access to, and more understanding of nature can only be a good thing!

Eryl said:

I made it last week, planning something for our Watling Street School kids.

The lovely people (Brownhills Common Committee at the Library) paid for a gate (the Magic Portal on the map) so that we can take our kids directly onto the Common without having to go on a road.

I went out and walked it on an OS app, and then drew it – great fun!

I adore this, and thanks so much to Eryl for sharing it. If you have any undocumented names for bits of the Common, or indeed, the whole town – I’d love to hear them. Comment here, ping me on social media or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.


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2 Responses to The secret portal

  1. Kay Torné says:

    Oh Mr Powell I remember you as my teacher many many moons agođź‘Ť
    I love the common, it was indeed a magical place for me and lots of other kids and still is I’m sure. What a great thing to do to let the children of today still explore and enjoy the nature of the common with the safety of a gate. I don’t think I ever gave the road a second thought when walking across it on the way home from school.
    Great memories, thanks
    Kay Torné (nee Edmunds)

    • mark brookes says:

      Brilliant mr p, i to remember the magic of the common, i remember mr Fowler giving us the afternoon off and supplying us with nets because we said we had seen an escaped canary flying amongst the trees lol, of course thinking about it years later it was probably just a wild yellow wagtail, but at least we got to officially skive off the afternoon ha ha
      Mark (chunky) Brookes

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