Morris Miner and Brownhills – as you’ve never seen them before!

Morris from aa very unusual angle. Image from a drone video recorded by Danny Whittle.

A remarkable drone video has been posted on YouTube by Danny Whittle, who lives in Sidmouth, but I believe is a local lad at heart, and his 17 minute video shows the town from a whole bunch of new angles

As you know, I love drone photography and have previously featured such photography by local lad Steve Martin and also a flight video of the new housing development at Silver Court Gardens in Brownhills.

Thanks to Danny for a wonderful chance to see our area from a new angle, I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future!

If you spot anything, please feel free to comment here or drop me a line – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!

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  1. Kay Torné says:

    Hi Bob
    Always a pleasure to read what’s going on in Brownhills.
    Some really good drone footage.
    What’s happening at Silver Court these days?
    My sister and I visited there a couple of years ago. It looked so sad and run down.
    We recalled our childhood days of Victor Value (then became Tescos) laundrette next to The Acropolis Cafe that our mum used on a regular basis (run by two guys, John & Brian) lovely chaps. Boots the chemist on the corner by the bus stop, Midland Bank (I think) to the left. A lot of the place looked so derelict 🙁 if it’s being turned into affordable housing, that’s surely a good thing?

    I’ll keep reading and find out.

    Kay Torné

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