Sweet like chocolate

The Cadbury firm – set up by Quakers as a model village and enterprise – was always a great, caring community with strong social responsibility. Image from the BBC.

Friend of the blog Shirley Jackson, who’s a Birmingham exile now living in Shire Oak and a great friend of the blog has raised an interesting question here relating to Cadburys and the Bournville factory in the media over the years I’m hoping readers might be able to help with.

Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler might have input on this one I think.

Shirley asked:

Hi Bob,

My 92 year old Dad, who worked at Cadbury’s all his life since 14, has just watched Inside the Chocolate Factory, and was very disappointed.

His brother also worked there after the war. he was special services and is still alive at 94. Dad reckons there were loads of video of workers coming in and out of the gates, and coca beans coming in and being roasted.

I wondered if any of your history boffins could point me in the direction on viewing some of these videos, as he said he was in many of them. It’s more about viewing the factory, as my Dad remembered it.

I also remember my cousin getting a good reward, through the suggestion box scheme, and his suggestion was that they cut half an inch off the sleeve of dairy milk, which saved them a fortune.

I believe Dad started work in 1941. He tells be great tales of how they made pineapple out of swede, as you couldn’t get it in the war, and he said you would not be able to tell the difference!

Hope you can help.
Shirley Jackson

Shirley has previously sparked a great debate over a lost monument at the Dunlop factory and I’m sure this one can throw up some interesting  views on the swede observation! Thanks for a great enquiry…

What do you know? Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail do com. Cheers.

Now part of Kraft Foods, Cadbury is part of a huge global enterprise. Image from the Birmingham Mail.

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  1. Ian says:

    I’m probably stating the obvious but Cadbury Reaseach Library may be able to help. Phone 0121 414 5839. They are based on the Lower Ground floor of Muirhead Tower, Birmingham University.

  2. Pedro says:

    There is a thread on the Birmingham History Forum concerning Cadbury and the factory that could be of interest. It is a long thread stretching to 21 pages but is well worth searching through. (Best to start at page 21 and work backwards to see many interesting pictures, the link below will go to the picture on the Blog.)


  3. aerreg says:

    how many people can remember cadburys blended chocolate i believe it was a mixture of plain and milk i had a collection of photos of various chocolate bars blended was one of them but sadly it vanished along the way i think it came out just after the war it was atopic of interest among some of the older people god bless

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