We’m gooin to Barmouth!

Images Kindly shared by Steve Martin

Steve Martin whose incredible and high quality work I’ve featured here before, last weekend went to Barmouth, Wales like many locals hereabouts. Thankfully for us, he also took his drone.

As many Midlanders do, I love Barmouth, but I particularly love the Afon Mawddach Estuary, and the stunning Clock House on the road there called Cops-faen, as well as the wonderfully improbable railway bridge, the crossing of which on the train always indicated the start of a great day ahead.

Coes-faen is now a spa and hotel, and you can find out more about it and it’s history here.

I thought it might make a pleasant change to share Steve’s Barmouth photos here and maybe jog a few memories. What do you remember of weekends or weeks at Barmouth? Please do get in touch.

Coes-faen has a wonderful history, and it a beautiful house. Image Kindly shared by Steve Martin.

Steve uses a professional-level DJI drone, and is very skilled in using it to obtain stunning images and video – his last gallery, of Chasewater and Brownhills Common went down reallyy well. A few months ago, I featured film and images Steve kindly shared from a daytime flight where he recreated a wonderful 1960s image of Brownhills as it is today, and later, his stunning night flight over Brownhills.

You can regularly see other examples of Steve’s work on his usual haunt, the popular and fascinating Old photos from Hednesford, Chadsmoor and Cannock group on Facebook,

Steve grew up in Brownhills where his family had the chip shop that used to be on the Lichfield Road, Brownhills for a while, and Steve has great memories of the Lichfield Road area, of which I’m still looking for old images if you know to any, please do get in touch.

Thanks to Steve for yet another beautiful gallery, and Steve is happy to talk about his work if you’re interested. You can hook up with him on Facebook here.

Comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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12 Responses to We’m gooin to Barmouth!

  1. Tim Lewis says:

    Great place.

    Been going there off and on for nearly 50 years.

    With Mom n Dad, on my own and with a bunch of nefarious cycling friends.

    Stories? Us cyclists bought a kite to fly on the beach, someone nicked its string so had to buy more, costing more than the kite.

    Staying just up the road in a caravan site at Talybont. I was around 10, Mom getting me up in the morning around 07:30 to go swimming in the sea. Freezing cold and a very pebbly beach. Staying in the caravan in a mega thunderstorm. The rain making a huge racket on the tin roof, and having to RUN a couple hundred yards to go to the Loo!

    And of course the train journey in the area. I’ve caught it from Birmingham as far as Portmadoc, fantastic coastal scenary, and of course the trip across the bridge before Barmouth.

    Did I mention the raedy salted crisps bought at a pub on the main Barmouth/Harlech (that had a waterfall running through it), that had an after taste of fishing bait?

    We even took the first ever cat that decided to own me to the caravan once. She had the time of her life, especially when she watched Dad preparing a 3lb sea bass we’d caught on a fishing trip from Barmouth, from the boot of our car.

  2. Kay Torné says:

    Many happy days in Barmouth in the 70’s
    Stunning photos!
    Kay Torné

  3. Kay Torne says:

    I have very fond memories of caravan holiday in Barmouth in the 1970’s with my boyfriend and his family. Happy days!
    Kay Torné – Barcelona

  4. Ade Reid says:

    If you were born and brought up in Brownhills you went to Barmouth.My daughter was born in Brownhills but now lives in Derby and goes to Scarborough for their holidays,but always tells me of the happy memories of caravan holidays at Talybont.and the walk into Barmouth,so many happy family memories.

  5. Kay Torne says:

    I lived in Brownhills from age 5 until my mid twenties. Loved going to Barmouth and know Steve Martin very well. Stunning photos Steve, quite amazing.

  6. aerreg says:

    hi steve grand shots of barmouth enjoyed them how ever you have set my 0ld grey matter working fish and chip shops lichfield road in my mind there were three in the very early years there was jefferies at top row by brewes the next in line was the for ever alice wood then in my old mind mrs harvey had shop onthe corner of seeds lane did that become your nans fish and chip shop by the way its world fish and chip shop day today god bless all chippies

    • Kay Torne says:

      Chippys ain’t what they used to be. I have fond memories of Dorothy’s Chip a Go-Go run by Dorothy Birch on Shannon Drive, Brownhills where I used to live. Best batter bits anywhere and because I was a good friends with her daughter, Karen Birch, I used to get them for free! Amazing chips they were.

    • Steve Martin says:

      Yes Reg it was the one one the corner of Seeds Lane. My mom and Dad ran it from the late 60s to the early 70s. With help and guidance from my Nan and grandad who ran on in Valley Road Blakenall Heath.

  7. Julie says:

    Absolutely love Barmouth. Been going since as far back as I remember. Mostly just for a day on a sunday. Always took a picnic, well not a picnic but a full meal! Dad is West Indian and did the best curry and rice and peas. He would cook the curry the day before and we’d take a camp stove, and he’d cook the rice and peas and heat the curry up on the beach while us 4 kids paddled or played cricket. Mom would brew the tea. What happy days we had there. I always remember listening to ‘sing something simple’ on the way home in the car.
    We Went again this year and took mom, (sadly Dad now has late stage dementia) it hadn’t changed a bit, still as beautiful as ever. Holds a special place in my heart. 💓 Lovely memories.

  8. asquith says:

    John Ruskin famously observed that there is”
    no better walk than from Barmouth through to Dolgellau other than from Dolgellau to Barmouth” and who are we to disagree?

    The landscape shifts so dramatically.

    Being from Stoke I am more likely to be found in North Wales, around Criccieth, but I do like a detour to Barmouth & Harlech!

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