Touch Wood!

A quick headsup here for a growing group on Facebook run by old friend of the blog Janey Hatfield that’s centred around (but by no means limited to) memories of Walsall Wood.

It’s a busy, well moderated group with lots of members and lots of interesting images posted including the set above, from Joy Spears, with a few others thrown in from Chris Dawson and Janey herself.

You can check out ‘We are The Wood…’ by clicking here you’ll need to join up but once in, it’s great..

Please do pop along and check the group out – it’s a fine place and if you’re a resident of The Wood, or just remember it fondly, it’s a great place to check out and shoot the breeze.

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  • David Evans

    the doctors surgery was in Beech Tree Road, near Dr Roberts house, which is still there.
    kind regards

    • BrownhillsBob

      My fault, not a Wood Wallah and I wrote the caption.


  • Thankyou so Much William, Tis fab and about time you joined Mr Evans 😉
    And Oi Oi Walsall Wood Walla?? Haha Ay heard that for years.

  • Ray Share

    The scout hut was the church hall corner of brook land rd and brook lane


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