Little arrows…

A remarkable collection of trophies. Can you help identify the darters? Image Kindly supplied by Andy Dennis.

Old friend of the blog Andy Dennis has been in touch from his new home in a narrowboat somewhere on the canals of the UK, I think perhaps up north – anyway, Andy has sent in a most interesting picture, which I think readers will be able to help with.

I know very little about the Prince of Wales pub on the Watling Street, which has been a popular and enduring boozer over the years. I’d be interested in any memories or materials you have regarding it.

Despite Andy no longer being resident in Brownhills, he’s still keeping a fascinating blog, which I commend to all readers with an interest not just in local history but wider genealogy too.

Andy Dennis wrote:

Hello Bob

I have this picture of what I think are darts players from the Prince of Wales, Watling Street.  The man standing right is ‘uncle’ Bill Taylor, bricklayer, and son of Joseph Taylor the master bricklayer you have featured previously. There were two cups for darts, Prince of Wales, on the mantelpiece won respectively by Bill himself (who I think was Prince of Wales Champion) and Derek Jones.

I am hoping that your followers might be able to identify some of the others.

Date? The young man next to Bill is (I think) Derek Jones.  Therein lies a clue.  Derek was born in 1928 and taken in by Bill and wife Gertie, but, as soon as he was old enough he left, never to be seen again.  On that basis the picture cannot be later than 1949.

The back is stamped:

“Phone:- 2454
Ernest J Welch
Press Photographer
96 Wednesbury Road

Best wishes

Thanks to Andy for a great enquiry, and for hopefully opening up a new history thread. I wish him the best with life afloat and hope he keeps cosy in the oncoming cold weather.

If you can help Andy with this enquiry, please do – either comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com – cheers.

Wonder which paper Ernest worked for, or if he was freelance? Image Kindly supplied by Andy Dennis.

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  1. Penny Rowlands says:

    My mom used to live at the Prince of Wales with my grandparents, Ron and Alice Prior (maybe 1950s?) I seem to recall seeing some photos of when they lived there so I’ll try and find them out.

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