Did you know Bob Brookes?

Bob Brookes was a long-time resident of Brownhills. Image kindly shared by Steve Martin.

Here’s a sad but important enquiry from reader Angela Kingston-Nash who’s after memories and recollections regarding her uncle Bob Brookes from Brownhills, who sadly recently passed away aged 94.

Angela wrote:

I grew up in Barnets Lane, Brownhills.

My uncle Bob Brookes recently passed away and was a much loved member of the Brownhills community so I was hoping to soon share details of his funeral via BrownhillsBob. Is that allowed?

I also wondered if any locals might know a bit more about him as a younger man before I see the vicar. He was 94 but only became mine and my mum’s uncle in his 40s. he has no other family left. Thank you.

Angela, I would be happy to share any funeral details you would like to publicise and stand ready to help, as ever.

I don’t personally recall Bob myself, but I’m sure plenty will – if you remember this gentleman, please do get in touch by commenting here or mailing me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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19 Responses to Did you know Bob Brookes?

  1. I lived by Bob from 1935 until 2012, about 77 years, he was a great neighbour we never had a miss word in all those years. He loved both his garden and his fishing all in all he was a fellow who kept himself to himself.I never heard anyone say a bad word about him I’ll I’ll

  2. Chris Smith says:

    Did Bob work at Deansons in Aldridge?

    • Denise Kingston (nee Smith) says:

      I’m Angela’s mom , and Bob Brookes’ neice
      He worked at Edward Rose’s as a welder for many years , I don’t know where he worked before that.

  3. Tony says:

    I used to live opposite a Bob Brookes in Mill Rd Brownhills about 26 Years ago when we moved but I still used to see him walking to the corner shop on Ogly Rd .He lived with his partner for a good many years

  4. John Lakin says:

    He lived next door to my nans in mill rd I always remember Alice his girlfriend and joe who lived with him he was a keen Gardner and fisherman and regularly fished with my uncle Ernie lakin very sad news

  5. Mick says:

    Was this the bob Brooke’s who used to to work for Edward rose ?

  6. Mick says:

    I have shared this on my wall as many of the friends worked at roses

  7. Pat Coton says:

    Remember Bob well, I worked with him at Edward Rose. So sad to hear of his passing. He was a really lovely man, always had a smile on his face and enjoyed a laugh. I will look for the funeral details and let some of my Roses friends know.

  8. Beryl Marklew says:

    My husband used to go fishing with Bob years ago. We also used to play cards with him and his close friend Jim Davis. I remember Jim and Bob went everywhere together for years. Bob was one of the nicest people you could wish to meet, a real gentleman. rip.xx


  9. As I have already written I lived by Bob for 77 years and Alice never lived with him. She was as good as a wife as she took him every where he wanted to go, she was there first thing every morning, most times before I had got up, and last thing at night.But never as far as I knew as husband and Wife.

  10. Joanne porton says:

    I remember bob he lived next door to my nan for many years. And went fishing with my grandad when he had carer a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of looking after him for a while was nice to take to him about my great nan and my grandad to lovely gentleman a lady I used to care for know him as well I will let her know he has passed away.

  11. Peter Bentley says:

    Robert was my dad’s cousin. He was a gentleman. Uncle Joe lived with him for many years. I’d be interested to know when the funeral will be so that I can pay respects on behalf of the Bentley family

  12. Angela nash says:

    My Aunty Alice was the love of his life and they were engaged for 40 years and saw each other every day but never married or lived together which was his one regret. Hoping they are reunited.

  13. glen daniel says:

    Used to drink with Bob. At middle oak and several other local places most of his other friends have passed now they were a good group and Bob a real gent who loved a good nite RIP Bobxx

  14. Roy Smith says:

    Lived three doors from Bob in the 50’s/60’s,remember him well.true native of mill rd,,RIP, Maurice and Roy smith

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