A quick Jiggers Whistle – and it’s open!

Images Kindly supplied by David Hodgkinson/Colin Cragg

I’m pleased to let you folks know that today, Friday 17th November 2017 sees the opening of the new micropub in Brownhills High Street – The Jiggers Whistle – situated in the old Starlight Photography/EE Jones store near the miner island, overseen by the Tin Mon himself!

This small, intimate bar will serve craft ales and lagers, plus all the usual wines, spirits and soft drinks. It opens today at 12 noon, and open throughout the afternoon and evening until 10:30pm.

The owners of the new venture, Colin and Theresa Cragg said:

Hi everyone,

Our opening day/night at The Jiggers Whistle in Brownhills High Street will be on Friday 17th of November 2017, 12 noon until 10.30pm.

Craft Ales on our open day are as follows: H.P.A, Butty Bach, Jigger Stout, The Hoard.

Craft Ciders on our open day are as follows: Seacider Blueberry 4%, Orchard Pig Explorer 5%, Lyme Bay Eventide 5%, Snails Bank Elderflower Gin & Tonic 4%, Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon 7.2%, Broadoak Mango 4%, Skinners Rhubarb & Custard 4% & Craft Lager 1985 4.5%.

Regular Opening times will be 12 noon until 10.30pm. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. Friday, Saturday 12 noon until 11pm. Tuesday CLOSED.

If you want to keep up with the latest news, follow The Jiggers Whistle Facebook page here for more information.

Hope to see you all soon.
Colin & Teresa

Brownhills High Street has been crying out for some new blood and ideas, and I think this micropub is an excellent idea we can all get behind – and there aren’t too many decent real ale venues in the locality, so another is always welcome.

I wish Colin and Teresa all the best in their new venture, and look forward to sampling a pint or two in a spanking new venue!

I wish Colin and Teresa the very best of luck with this interesting venture! Image by David Hodgkinson.

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7 Responses to A quick Jiggers Whistle – and it’s open!

  1. Alan Harrison says:

    Will it be able to sell beer at those prices in Brownhills? For example, Butty Bach at £3.50 is considerably more expensive than the £2.70 I pay at an independent pub in Bloxwich, let alone Wetherspoon’s prices.

  2. Ade Reid says:

    I somehow think that the people that will frequent the Jiggers Whistle will not be your average Wetherspoons punters.Good ales and ciders cost money.Those prices are not expensive by any means.I wish them good luck for the future..

    • well said – thanks Ade


    • Alan Harrison says:

      I’m not sure, Ade. What sort of punter will the pub be able to attract in Brownhills, and how will they be different from those in Wetherspoon’s? Obviously, the latter has the advantage of economies of scale, and can get a good price from brewers for massive orders, but my price comparison was with an independent boozer in Bloxwich which sells the same ale at 80 pence less. I would think that there isn’t a huge demographic difference between the two areas.

  3. stymaster says:

    I really don’t see how a price difference of less than a fiver for an average nights drinking is really significant. If price was the only factor I’d be sat at home with bottles or cans, or I’d be off to ‘spoons. I’ll be giving The Jigger’s Whistle a go soon, and the price of the beer (within reason) is pretty low on my priority list. Pleasant atmosphere and a decent pint much higher up.

  4. stymaster says:

    Dropped in tonight- great beer at £3 a pint- so around average for the area. Not a bad place at all.

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