Do you remember Ann the dressmaker from Shelfield?

Do you remember Moira McCormick, Ann or Mervyn? Image from the remarkable Apple Maps.

A quick enquiry I’ve had in the last couple of days reaches me from Moira McCormick, and former local resident, who is trying to trace her lost pal Ann – and the memories she shares are wonderfully evocative.

Moira wrote:

Dear Bob

Thank you so much for your truly wonderful blog. I love reading about all that goes on near the place where I  grew up and it reminds me of the wonderful Community spirit alive and still flourishing in the West Midlands. Thank you!

I have a request. In the 1960s around about 1966 to 70 I had a friend who lived on the corner of either New Street or School Street and the Lichfield Road in Shelfield. I always look at her house when I pass it on one of my trips to see my family and every time I feel so sad that we lost touch. Her name is Ann and I can’t remember her last name. Her mum was Greek. Ann was the most amazingly talented dressmaker and whenever I had any spare money, off I would go either to Walsall Market (now sadly depleted) or to Birmingham, to  buy some fabric. I would then design my outfit, present Ann with a drawing and she came up with the most wonderful clothes for me.

She was friends with a very dapper chap called Mervyn or Melvin, he was quite distinctive in appearance, always dressed in suits.. .and a kipper tie, usually in a flamboyant colour and used to wear trendy black square spectacles. They often went on a Friday and Saturday night to the Discotheque at the Royal Hotel Walsall.

Ann was a wonderful, kind and gentle person. If she should read this… I remember her buying me my first ever bottle of perfume. Youth Dew by Estée Lauder, which along with Brut filled the air of many a night club in the sixties!

If anyone knows of Ann and can put me in touch I would be incredibly grateful. I have such fond memories of her. I imagine she would have had a hugely successful career as a dressmaker and so I am hoping someone will remember her.

Bob has my number if anyone wants to text me with any info.

Many thanks
Moira McCormick

Thanks Moira for some lovely memories – they are so beautiful. I’m sure someone out there must have their memory jogged by this.

If you can help, please do: Either comment on this post directly, or mail me: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com, and I’ll hook you up. Cheers.

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