Incident on Clayhanger Common yesterday – West Midlands Police issue statement

Clayhanger Common. Archive photo by Pete Hummings.

As many of you will be aware, yesterday afternoon (Saturday, 14th October 2017) there was an ongoing emergency services incident on Clayhnager Common, which prompted a great deal of local speculation.

I immediately sought clarification from West Midlands Police, who issued the following statement this morning.

Deb Edmonds, from Corporate Communications said the following:

‘The body of a man was found on the common – it was not suspicious.’

And that is all they’re saying, and all that needs to be said.

Please consider the awful effect of this sad incident upon relatives and friends of the deceased and please refrain from gossip. Just because a tragedy happens in our community, it doesn’t mean we have a right to know what happened or speculate. Please show respect.

My condolences and sympathies to all touched by this, and to the poor souls who made the discovery.

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