A quiet day in the late 1950s… and some views of Norton!

A previously published image in much better quality, thanks to everyone’s favourite tat-bazaar, eBay. Click for a larger version.

A quick post of a great local postcard spotted by reader Dean, and the latest post in a series of unusual postcards spotted on everyone’s favourite tat bazaar, eBay.

For sale by postcard dealer univeralpostcards, we have this interesting late 50s/early 1960s Bourne image of the High Street, looking southeast towards Shire Oak from just opposite Brewes Shop, from outside where Aldi would be now, Station Hotel on the right.

A scan of this was featured in the book ‘Memories of Brownhills Past’ by Clarice Mayo and Geoff Harrington – but this image is much clearer. That huge pram!

The scan is of very high quality.

Also included at the foot of the post is a lovely Norton Canes postcard, pointed out to me by a reader a few weeks ago (but I can’t now remember who, or indeed, find the auction) – it’s a remarkably high quality scan and worth clicking on just to see full size for the central image of Norton pool (Chacsewater) with the conduit slag heap in the background.

If you fancy this, you can see the original sale here where it’s offered at a starting price of £9.99. Form an orderly queue, folks.

Any observations? Please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot

A great postcard of Norton Canes. I just wish I could remember where I found it. Click for full size version.


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7 Responses to A quiet day in the late 1950s… and some views of Norton!

  1. Sheila Norris ( nee Jones) says:

    Great photo! Could someone please stand in the same spot and take/post a modern photo of B’hills for those of us who no longer live in the area? Would love to see a comparison.

  2. philcburton says:

    On the Norton postcard top left is the section of canal from Badgers Bridge looking towards Sylvester’s Bridge. Top right is Walsall Rd looking from the canal bridge towards the Square. Bottom right is St James Church looking along Church Rd from the junction with Norton Hall La. The bottom left is Thacker’s shop on Norton Square.

  3. Frank Dennis says:

    I seem to remember in those days the coop on Brownhills high street – fascinated by the vacuum tubes running around the ceiling which I think were used for change to be delivered. Not sure but think the Manager was a Mr Arblaster. Dr Foster (possibly Forster) was in the surgery which is still there (but not as a Doctors) in Brickiln Street. The Cinema was approx half way down on the right (looking from the Miner statue) and if Jennifer Deakin still reads this at the tender age of about 7ish Kieth Dawes, Jennifer and I used to walk from Watling street across what is now known as the “black path” to the Matinee on Saturday mornings. Mount Zion Methodist was further down on the right and of course the railway station was still functioning by the Council House (the Dudley dasher train springs to mind !) Sergeant White was one of our local policemen. Dad (Alan Dennis) used to play cricket alongside “Nutty” Newman, Ken Woodfield, Carlton White, Harold Buckley and others including I think umpire Fred Shingler senior and Fred and Arthur Shingler

  4. aerreg says:

    wonderful memouries again that was the world of my brother it was DR FORSTER prior to that the old surgery was a wooden building in church hill the old coop days were a high light in the days whent round with our memory lane talks the cash tubes sugar bags butter pats etc but the best reaction was when i asked if anyone remembered their COOP DIVI NUMBER i slill have the collection we used the toys clothes sweets etc but the most precios is the divi cheque and FULNANA SCENT CARDS of sunday school aniversary days yes all treasures do not glisten like silver and gold some are tiny and frail to lhold

  5. Sheila Norris ( nee Jones) says:

    Dr. Forster’s wife ( Eileen?) was a lovely lady who did sterling work for charity. One such was the “League of Pity”, the junior branch of the NSPCC. I remember the blue egg collecting boxes. Every Christmas she organised a group of us local children to go carol singing round Brownhills to raise money for it. But first we had to have a rehearsal sitting in Dr. Forster’s Surgery waiting room. I remember the hard wooden benches, a bit like church pews. Off we then went, complete with lanterns, traipsing all round Brownhills and Shire Oak. Sometimes we were invited in for mince pies! The Forsters lived on Shire Oak about half way up on the left as you left the town. We carol singers always finished at their home for hot refreshments – I still remember the “tasty toasts”, a sort of round toasted sandwich done in a long handled toaster over the gas.

    Another fund raiser was a garden party at their house. The adults were counting the takings afterwards when Ian Forster, their son, who also became a local doctor, spotted that the lounge curtains were on fire ( something to do with a recent storm and a TV set?). He yelled at me to tell his parents while he fearlessly ( foolishly?) went into the room to rescue their dog, Chinky. I, being rather shy and ever so polite ( aged about 7), knocked on the door, waited to be called in and then said ” Excuse me, but the house is on fire”. There was a moment’s silence before someone said “oh yes, dear” then turned back to counting the money! It was only when Ian relaid the same message that anyone took any notice. My parents arrived to pick me up to find the fire brigade there! Katy Forster & I were school friends until she went away to boarding school about a year later and we lost touch. Are you out there somewhere Katy and Ian?

    Also in the 50s /60s in the High Street was Sheila Collis’ Hairdressing shop, where my Mum had her weekly shampoo and set. I have an idea I’m named after Sheila???? Her sister, Jean,married my Uncle Richard Southall (he’s the one pictured aged about 16 jumping on his horse in the Cossack/ Carnival thread) Sheila Collis had the honour of cutting off my waist length red plaits a couple of days before my 13th birthday! I still have the hair stowed away in a box!

    That’s quite enough for now, I think!

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