Did you know Alan Pye?

Alan Pye, four decades at Tildesley Ford on Northgate. Images Kindly supplied by Jamie Norgrove.

Old pal of the blog and human dynamo behind Brownhills Musical Theatre Company Jamie Norgrove has been in touch to share some sad news – Jamie’s Grandfather, Alan Pye who worked for years at Tildesley Ford in Aldridge passed away on the 23rd of July, and Jamie would like to invite anyone who knew Alan to the funeral, which takes place on Tuesday.

My sincerest condolences to Jamie and all of Alan’s family and friends – he was clearly a very popular and respected man from the outpouring of respect on social media. Many ford owners will remember Alan from the dealership days on Northgate.

Jamie explained:

Hi Bob

I’m after a favour. I’m trying to get in touch with anyone who worked at Tildesley Ford in Aldridge who would’ve known my Grandad, Alan Pye, affectionately known as ‘Apple’.

He sadly passed away on 23rd July 2017 and it’s his funeral on Tuesday 15th August at 2:15pm at Streetly Crem.

Grandad worked at Tildesley’s for over 40 years and we’d like to let folks know.

I include a picture of the staff at Tildesley Ford on the Northgate around 1980. My Grandad worked there for over forty years.

All welcome at the service or at Barons Court afterwards.


Thanks to Jamie for sharing the innovation and my sympathies to all for their loss.

All the staff of this large dealership in 1980, Alan central. Image Kindly supplied by Jamie Norgrove.

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5 Responses to Did you know Alan Pye?

  1. Chris Smith says:


    I like many others remember your Grandad Alan well. Tildesleys was almost opposite our house and I can remember being allowed into the showroom to look at new cars like the Cortina Mk1 and MK2, the Zodiac MkIV (very strange vehicle!) and, the oldest car they had, the Model T. The fact that I was only just about secondary school age made no difference, providing I was interested and didn’t get in the way I was welcome.

    I recall my Dad talking to Alan on several occasions – lovelly guy and a sad loss.

    I can’t make the funeral but please accept my condolences.

    Chris Smith

  2. I knew Apple very well he was a great bloke all ways willing to help, I worked in the stores with Alan as part of my garage experience, if you needed a part he could take you straight to the bin location. when I was in the workshop he continued to help, is knowledge of Ford parts unbeatable he could find a part to sort out a problem even though it was used on a different vehicle.
    He was liked by staff and customers alike nothing fazed him he was just a great guy. Very sorry to hear he as passed away hope he takes is pipe to a better place.
    With deep sadness of your loss.
    John Houghton Mechanic.

    Service with Tidesley’s 1972 1985 car workshop.

  3. Jim Robson says:

    I remember Alan. Very laid back, very knowledgeable and quietly funny. I was an apprentice in the picture shown and had many happy years there.
    Wish I could have been at the funeral but have just found this blog.
    Jim Robson

  4. Nigel Tongue says:

    I remeber Apple very well.
    His mk1 Escort with the reg VUU and the pipe smell.
    Great boke, shame i was to young to appreciate his knowledge.
    Brings back some great memories.

  5. Jim Aldridge says:

    Hi, just showed my Dad this Philip Aldridge who is also in this photo… remembers your grandad very well

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