Reg Morris – a feast of golden daffodils

I wonder what a bunch of daffs tastes like? Reg didn’t seem to mind them! Still from a wonderful vide supplied by Lisa Ashby.

Over the years I’ve featured on the blog, and received a very warm response to anything connected with the late, great and absolutely legendary Brownhillian Reg Morris – a man noted for his community spirit, mischief, bravery and willingness to undertake any stunt or challenge, not matter how silly or difficult.

I can add to the previous material featured here with something rather wonderful and stunning sent in by old pal of the blog and photo restorer extraordinaire, Lisa Ashby – Reg eating daffodils for charity. This is incredible, and really does distil the spirit of a wonderful bloke.

Thanks to Lisa for putting in the hard work to get this uploaded and for all the other work she does in support of the blog; you can check out her amazing photo skills here and her video editing talent here.

If you have anything to add (and I’m sure you will have) do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

I’ll let Lisa explain:

Hi Bob,

Here is a video of Reg Morris eating daffodils to raise money for the B-CASS Disabled Centre, which was filmed by Central News. The girl bringing the daffs in is Joanne Parr one of my class mates.

The B-CASS Disabled Centre was formed in 1988 and first met in an empty room at the Brownhills Community School. The name of the centre was taken from the two groups which helped to found it namely the Brownhills Community Association and the Social Services department – hence, B-C-A-S-S. In 1991 the centre outgrew the room at the comp and so we moved to the old pre-school playgroup building in Lindon Drive. In 2000, we were lucky enough to be awarded a millenium lottery grant to renovate the building. However, the roof started to leak and we had several burglaries and the place just wasn’t fit for use any more. We spent many happy years here, but in 2005 we made the difficult decision to move again to Silver Court.

Sadly our Secretary, my mum Miriam Downes passed away on May 17th 2016 and the decision was taken to close the centre. She was the driving force behind the group and it wouldn’t have felt right to continue with out her. On July 4th 2016, the B-CASS Disabled Centre closed its doors for the final time.

Mayor Bill Madeley opening the B-CASS centre. Image kindly supplied by Lisa Ashby.

The two photos I’ve sent are from the opening which show Mayor Bill Madeley opening the centre in September 1988 at Brownhills Comp and the second one Cllr Harry Parker, Dave Scott (from Social Services), my nan Ruth Holden (may be known to a few older viewers of your blog), cllr Geoff Edge and Mayor Bill Madeley.

Old hands will recognise some faces here – good to see Geoff Edge, a decent bloke, there too. Image kindly supplied by Lisa Ashby.

I have a few photos of the various floats we entered in to carnivals in the early 90’s to share with you at some point too if you’re interested.

All the best Bob, keep up the great work x
Lisa 😊

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2 Responses to Reg Morris – a feast of golden daffodils

  1. stuart says:

    Nice piece of preservation again Lisa. I remember Reg’s antics, I think he may have been related to a family I knew over Burntwood way on. Was there any specific disability that the centre looked after and if it no longer exists what do those folk do now? It reminded me of a lady that used to work with my mom in Chasewater cafe that also helped out at something called (spelling may be out) The Megan du boison complex in Aldridge,oddly enough she lived in one of the blocks at silver court,I remember going to the flat,probably early 70s,think her name was Winnie. It would be good to see the carnival pics.

  2. pat Hughes (Middleton) says:

    Hi me and my family knew Councellor Harry Parker I would love to know if he still alive or if any of his family are still round the area. Harry is pictured in the opening show.

    I would love to hear from any body who knew Harry I remember Harry and his wife Christine they were a lovely family.

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