Protracted delays and congestion as lorry overturns near Rising Sun Island

That’s got to be a bad day. Image kindly supplied by reader Stephen Hill.

I’m late to this one as I’ve been busy today, but there were delays and road closures well into the evening after a container lorry overtuned on the Rising Sun Island at Brownhills West yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 13th June 2017).

There were not thought to be any serious injuries as a result of the incident, which occurred around 1pm.

Hopefully recovery operations will be complete by morning.

There are reports at the Walsall Advertiser here, and at the Express and Star here.

Thanks for the tipoff and help yesterday. I was stuck at work and unable to post – thanks to readers who helped keep readers informed on Facebook and elsewhere in my absence.

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  1. Edwina. says:

    My hubby says that there is an adverse camber on that island that is pretty dangerous. It’s been like that for years and as an ex HGV driver he knows what he’s talking about. They were advised at Texaco in the 1970s to approach and take that island very very slowly as wheels were known to come off the ground at that island, my husband himself saw a driver from Texaco whose wheels had come off the ground (he was following said tanker) … and the driver was not speeding. So it’s been like that for many many years …

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