So where do the senior citizens play?

We’ve come a long way from the days when Brownhills older folks activities consisted of the wonderful Mrs. Parsley teaching the joys of outdoor cookery! A great wartime image from Alton Douglas.

I’ve just had a great enquiry in from reader Alison Bishop who’s raised a really interesting question – the answers to which could help lots of local folk, so I thought I’d post on the blog forthwith.

Alison wrote:

Hi Bob,

Not sure if you can help.

My 87 year old father in law lives in Brownhills. We are trying to encourage him to go out and meet people, but as we do not live in the area, we are not sure what there is in the area that caters for older folks.

I am sure there used to be a lunch club at the flats near Lindon Drive, but I am not sure.

Can you or any of your blog readers help with suggestions please?

Kind regards,
Alison Bishop

Thanks to Alison for a great question, and one to which I haven’t a clue about, but I’m sure readers must be able to help with.

Please, if you can, comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!

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  1. Julia Willett says:

    QHi Bob
    The WRVS ladies run a Darby and Joan Club at Brownhills Memorial Hall on Tuesday afternoon’s. They get involved with all sorts of stuff. Most weeks they have a speaker or some kind of entertainment plus they love to have Strawberry Teas , Buffets etc.
    Then on Wednesday the Sunshine Club meet at the hall too. They do the same sort of activities plus they do coach trps as well. All this can be found on the Memo website and Alison can contact me. If she requires more details. I’m the Treasurer at The Memo.
    Hope this helps
    Julia Willett

  2. aerreg says:

    another lovely memory of the past the kitchen it was behind the scout hut and fire station on chester road familier faces lily bradbury mrs parsley alice watson to name a few i think ime right they were the back bone of the WVS in brownhills and later what we called the darby and joan club at the MEMO which in its modern title senior citizen club is still very active by the way the speciality at the kitchen was drippin on toast pork or beef luvly grub god bless thanks for the memory

  3. mary says:

    Knave Court opens for lunch which isn’t to far away. Also The Lamp at Brownills does lots of classes and lunch as well.

  4. Marie Evans says:

    Thursday afternoons I believe Ogley Club does over 50s club.

  5. Alison Bishop says:

    Where have the posts gone from yesterday please?

  6. they’re still there?

    • Alison Bishop says:

      There was one yesterday about the Pentecostal church but it seems to have gone now.

      • I think you may be confusing the comments here for replies on Facebook.

        When I get 5 minutes I’ll post them across.

        Not problem, it was a pleasure to help 🙂


        • Alison Bishop says:

          That’s probably why I can’t find them. Lol! I found your FB page but it dowsn’t appear I have joined it. I’ll do that now – there were 2??

  7. Alison Bishop says:

    I am really pleased that people have taken the time to reply.

  8. The Pentecostal Church one and other replies are on the page ‘Brownhills Past and Present’ and the thread can be seen here\

    There’s also a busy thread in the BrownhillsBob group here

    Also some comments in the Shire Oak group


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