Family history in Clayhanger: What do you know?


Clayhanger from the air in a early 1950s Aerofilms image supplied previously by Brian Stringer.

I’ve had a very interesting enquiry from new reader Annie Walsh Walker who’s working on her family history which involves a family that were resident in Clayhanger High Street at the beginning of the last century.

I thank Annie for a very interesting enquiry – she wrote:

Hello Bob

I have just joined this site site as I am tracing my family history.

I am looking at the Cope family: Reuben Cope 1873-1952 and his wife jessie heath 1880-1957 lived in High Street, Clayhanger in 1911 with their boys Reuben b1907, George b1909 and Albert b1911.

I am trying to find photos of their house, local church and the graveyard.

I do hope you can guide me as too where I can find this info

Loved looking at your amazing site.

Annie Walsh Walker

I know we still have the surname Cope locally; there is, after all, the longstanding family haulage firm W.A. Cope; but I’m interested in the Church and graveyard for Clayhanger. Whilst I appreciate the village had (and still has, of course) it’s own Methodist Chapel, I suppose for parochial reasons after 1850 it would have come under St. James in Brownhills.

Or am I wrong? What do you know, and can you please help?

Please comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com – thanks to Martin for a really interesting curiosity

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  1. aerreg says:

    re the name cope i dont know if this is of any help in any way but years ago here was a very popular and respected lady at the old coop in high street brownhills by the name of KARRY COPE as i say she was a well respected person and well known god bless

  2. andkindred says:

    I think you are right about Ogley Hay. I don’t recall Cope from the churchyard, though that does not mean it is not there. Were they buried or cremated? If the latter Ryecroft would be the likely place for that period. If Ogley Hay, you are more than welcome to use my picture at (for example) – if publishing please include copyright Andrew’s Kindred in caption.

  3. David Evans says:

    Hello Annie
    the image shows the church..white wall, and HIgh Street cottages running across the image. I dont think there was a cemetery in Clayhanger, but it was part of Walsall Wood Church of England Parish at that time… On this page “Sue Lotes Walsall Foreign” links to her excellent site with some info regarding burials in Walsall Wood..but sadly not for this time. The name Cope does ring a bell..Walsall Wood bell, so perhaps there may be some info if you seek through Walsall Wood..
    Walsall Wood cemetery is in Brookland Road, Walsall Wood and perhaps the vicar at St Johns church Walsall Wood can supply more information.
    all the best in your quest
    kind regards

  4. David Evans says:

    Hell again Annnie
    in this blog, in the search box, type “Going by the book” and you should have January 29, 2012 article gives the .history of Walsall Wood parish church book..there may be something relevant there

  5. David Evans says:

    Hello Annie
    HIgh Street runs from top to the centre of the image. If you have Google Earth you can zoom in and then wind the clock back to 1945 image..then you can just make out the old cottages in HIgh Street, with their roof partly in dark shadow. By the 1999 image they had gone and now the entrance to Dingle Road is where they cottages stood

    • Annie says:

      Loved looking around the areas via Google map.i live in Spain but will definitely visit when I am next over

  6. Brian Edwards says:

    There was a family named Cope living on King Street Walsall Wood. Heading toward Castlefort their house was the first one over the railway bridge opposite the Vigo Clay hole. Back in the 70’s the Mother whose name was Lucy worked as a barmaid at the old Horse and Jockey in Walsall Wood. I believe the sons name was Gary and at the time he road raced motorcycles and in the early 80’s I think he may have been the rider for Norton who by then was being run by Brian Crighton from Brownhills Honda Shop. If anything else comes to mind I will drop you a line. By the way, people such as Gary and Brian Crighton I am sure could be easily contacted via the internet. Good luck with your search.

    • Annie says:

      This is definitely my family thank you.lucy cope is a name that has been used by the family sincec1828.i will try and contact Gary as you suggested

      • Jean Willey says:

        Hello Annie- I expect you have completed your research by now but I have found that Reuben (1873-1952) was living at 6 Oak Road Walsall Wood when he died.

  7. Brian Edwards says:

    By the way there would never have been a cemetery in Clayhanger as the land is susceptible to flooding.

  8. Steven says:

    Hi do you know Frances nee kirby.1st husband Norman brown of palsal
    Or Frances Biggs her brother was decker Derek terry mick pat
    Then married James Arthur Biggs any info would be grate full thx

  9. Steve says:

    The name changed to Copeland
    R changed is name to William and is wife nacey,and son Jon.born 1912
    Check island of white.

  10. Steve says:

    Sorry r was born 1912. Thier is so kind off secret.

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