That old devil?

A quick sale I know nothing about, but is clearly a part of Brownhills history – a vinyl album with a very hand-produced looking cover, called ‘Devils and the Angels’ by Brownhills Comprehensive School has popped up on eBay with some great images so the sleeve liner notes can be read.

The long play 12 inch vinyl LP appears to be the soundtrack to some kind of musical and dates from 1978, but apart from that, I’m at a bit of a loss. The character names seem to coincide with a Leon Garfield book called ‘Smith’, and he also wrote a story called ‘Devil in the Fog’, so maybe there’s a link.

Plenty of names listed though and I’m sure most must have been local kids, and I’m sure someone can help out there. Like the Brownhills Comprehensive Awards Day program from 1988, I think this might prove popular…

If you’d like to buy this odd little piece of Brownhills history, seller Ocean_Amazon has it up for the princely sum of £2.50 with £3.50 p&p here.

If you know anything about this record, the performance it recorded, or any of the folk listed, please do get in tough. Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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  1. Julie Handley (was Short) says:

    Thank you for this Bob. I was a member of the cast! What a blast from the past! I will be 54 in May so I think this would have been around 40 years ago. I know a lot of the people named in the images.
    I have purchased the record.
    Absolutely chuffed. Thanks again 😊

  2. Nicki says:

    Think I might still have a copy. Musical written by Rob Nunn our amazing music teacher. We had a great time producing this …Performed in school then recorded as an album. Remember the stage background falling in one of the actors…. Fortunately the open door fell on them so no casualties. Great fun. I played in the orchestra…Mr Nunn and other teachers were brill : )

    • Lesley Edwards says:

      I remember you Nicki, I wasn’t in the orchestra for this – I was singing – but I was later on. AGree with you about Rob Nunn, he was so talented, always writing original stuff, he insprired me to play and I still do ! I moved away from Brownhills when I went to uni and never moved back, I’ve lost touch with everyone listed on that album cover but remember almost every name, so many memories.

  3. Eryl Powell says:

    Yes, Bob.
    My wife Lesley was in it as a pupil. She’s now headteacher at Watling Street.
    We think it was written by Rob Nunn, then Head of music.

  4. David Bunce says:

    I had a small part as an Inn keeper. Just a couple of lines then I had to finish a drink and walk off stage. 1st couple of nights the drink was cold tea but on the final night it was swapped for the real thing. Knocked it back and then ran off chocking.

  5. Brian Asbury says:

    What a blast from the past this was.

    ‘The Devils and the Angels’ was an original musical by Ken Brereton, an English teacher at Brownhills Comp, with original music and songs by Rob Nunn. Ken did base the script on ‘Smith’ by Leon Garfield, presumably with the author’s permission. I was teaching chemistry at the school at the time, and I played Mr Mansfield, an old blind magistrate who befriends Smith. I was about 24 at the time but my character was more the age I am now. Great days!

    • Julie Handley (was Short) says:

      Mr Asbury! I remember you when you taught chemistry. Quite a few years ago! I remember you in this play too. I am still to actually play this LP.

      • Ade Reid says:

        Brian Asbury now there is s blast from the past.Wonder if Brian remembers donning his Dungeon masters cloak for after school Dungeons and Dragons.A great chemistry teacher and a really genuine bloke

  6. Lesley Edwards says:

    I was in it as well, so many names of people I remember but have lost touch with. It was a wonderful thing to be involved with. Rob Nunn is the reason I’m a musician today !

  7. Paul Clayton says:

    I remember watching a performance of this, and remember Mr Twist playing Lord Tom the highwayman. I would love a copy of the soundtrack, I did have one but have managed to lose it over the years. Happy memories.

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