Restoring a Lynk, and finding a link


Miss Hill’s class of 1954 at Walsall Wood School – image kindly shared with the blog by Lynn Lynk. Back row: Brian Read, Brian Rogers, ….., George Brown
Middle row: ….., ……, Ferguson, Freddie …., Barry Griffiths, Parker, Cora Hurley, Marion Rushbrook
Front row: ….., ….., Wendy Price, Pauline Dufty, Miss Hill, ….., Eileen Dorsett, Maureen Benton, Irene Price.


Black Cock Carnival – see text for more information. Image kindly shared with the blog by Lynn Lynk.

The rash of Walsall Wood School-related material continues, with another wonderful pair of submissions from quiz supremo Lynn Lynk – and through the connections of the blog, we not only got the images restored, but possibly found out more about one of them!

Lynn wrote:

Hi Bob

I wondered if you could help or know somebody via the blog who could restore the attached photographs for use on the blog.?

First is an old school photograph my mom has found of Miss Hill’s class taken 1954 at Walsall Wood. It would follow the Portman story of school photographs.

My mom has found another photograph taken at the Black Cock  Carnival held on the fields behind the pub. She was one of the runners up along with the two other girls at the front of the picture Maureen Benton (front left) and Audrey Price (front right) – sorry, she can’t remember the other girls names.

It would be lovely to find out more information about the Carnival and events held there.

We have found quite a few photographs taken around the Wood inside pubs, at picnics in fields if you are interested in them for the blog.


Well, it just so happens that Lisa Ashby (nee Downes), long term friend of the blog is an ace photo restorer, and was all too happy to work her wonderful magic on the images, which I include below – and thanks so much for that.

Lisa has previously waved her magic wand here on old images to remarkable effect.

Lisa is available for commissions, and if anyone is interested I’d only be too happy to hook you up – just mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

But wait up: Lisa thinks the has more information on the Black Cock Carnival image. Scroll down for more.


Final of the Miss Hill Image.


First draft of the Miss Hill Image.


Final of the Carnival Image.


First draft of the Carnival image.

Well, what came next was is really fascinating. Lisa said:

I have to ask though… The second photo where the Carnival Queen is being crowned, have you any information on that picture at all because I think my aunt Mary is one of the young girls kneeling at the front of the picture?

Later, she came back to me:

Hi Bob…

I found a photo that we have of Aunt Mary which was taken at the school in Walsall Wood around the time of the coronation.

I think the school had a mock coronation and Aunt Mary was chosen to be one of the ladies in waiting.

She is 2nd from the left on this photo of the schools coronation event….


Image kindly shared by Lisa Ashby.

The girl circled in yellow is Mary Norton (married name Bowers) and is my aunt… The girl circled in red I believe is the girl on the far right of the coronation photo.


Lynn Lynk’s original of the carnival photo, with annotations by Lisa Ashby.

Lisa, that’s remarkable – how things are unexpectedly connected, eh?

My thanks to Lynn and of course to Lisa for all her hard work here – and the question stands: what background can you add about these images, and also, what do you know of Carnivals at the Black Cock in Walsall Wood? This is the first I think I’ve heard of them. Someone must know more.

If you can help, please do: Comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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7 Responses to Restoring a Lynk, and finding a link

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    a huge thanks to Lisa for her kindness and generosity, to Lynn for her research and to you for your response and help. Wow
    a thought..the carnival queen looks like Jean Riggs..I may be wrong here..can readers please help
    what a super article !…….
    kind regards

  2. DJ Edwards says:

    My Mom, Wendy Price! Fantastic.

  3. joan cooper nee till says:

    The girl on the front row far right is Joan till which is me and photo with just the girls on is me Joan till with the dress. With the sash and three bows my mother made it food me

  4. Yes I think the queen being crowned is Jean Riggs.

  5. Lynn Lynk says:

    Hi Bob

    Thank you to Lisa for the restoring the photographs and the new photo which my mom is also on 3rd from left. My mom remembers Joan Till she asks did you live down Hall Lane and also is your mom in the background of the crowd scene. She also thought one of the girls lived in Camden Street over the bridge.

    My mom’s cousin Jean Benton is in the background 4th from left of the crowd photograph.

    Can I ask DJ Edwards who commented earlier which one is his mom Wendy Price.

    Thank you all again.

  6. Rob Fereday says:

    My mom (Jean Stanway) spotted herself on the back row, 2nd from the left. Thanks for posting the picture.

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