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Norton Canes Primary School class image from 1955 or 56: Image kindly supplied by Alan Harvey – recognise anyone? Alan is second from right, back row. Click for a larger version.

Following on from the recent school photos, and as a precursor to some more Walsall Wood ones tomorrow, I thought I’d share the image above from old friend of the blog Alan Harvey, and a note about the image further down the post, spotted in last weeks Tony Portman gallery by Phil Smith.

Alan sent in the photo of Norton Canes County Primary and said:

Hi Bob

I have attached a photo of the class of 1955 or 1956 at Norton Canes Primary School. I’m back row second from the right. I can name others if people are interested.

Alan Harvey

Well Alan, we’d all be very interested in any names you can add, or contributions from anyone else for that matter! All responses welcome, and thanks for sending in a lovely image. Always appreciated.

Meanwhile, Phil Smith mailed me in relation to this post from last week:

Hi BrownhillsBob,

My dad, Ron Smith, is in one of the photos you included in your article “Class photos”! (Fourth from the left, back row.)

He was a PE teacher at Walsall Wood Secondary School in the 1950s and it looks like he’s in his tracksuit!

Ron is 89 now, and still lives in the area. I now live in Chicago, Illinois, so it was a great surprise to see his photo on the web!

Thanks to all involved in sharing these photos.
Phil Smith

Thanks Phil – that’s remarkable and wonderful, and I love that this was spotted so far away in America – one of the things that gives me most pleasure curating this thing is that it so often connects people physically so far apart.

Ron does indeed look like a sporty chap, and one of the reasons I like the Portman set so much is the people pictured – both staff and kids – look generally very relaxed and comfortable with themselves. It really is a revelation.

Thanks to Alan and Phil, and if anyone has anything to add, please do – you’re most welcome. Either comment here, or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers all.


A 1950s staff lineup from Walsall Wood Secondary School, (which is now Streets Corner) – Ron Smith is fourth from left, highlighted. Image very generously shared by Tony Portman via David Evans. Click for a larger version.

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6 Responses to Showing some more class

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Philip
    many thanks for your note from USA…yes, we are so fortunate to have on our doorstep such an amazing “blog” …
    We readers are indebted to steadfast Uncle Bob for all the ongoing time and effort he devotes…and also to the background star “big guns” researchers..the legal eagles, press archive sleuths, railway experts, I think the result speaks for itself.
    kind regards and best wishes to USA

  2. Jamie Priest says:

    I would like to ask Alan Harvey a question . Is or was marlene Brindley in this school picture taken in Norton canes primary school ? It looks like one of my aunties .

  3. Alan Harvey says:

    Yes she is in the middle row fifth from the right.

  4. Jane Guzowski says:

    Hello Alan
    Could you tell me if Paul or Roger Guzowski are in the school picture, to your knowledge?
    Thank you.
    Jane Guzowski

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