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People love Chasewater for a whole range of different activities – from waterspouts….

There’s been a whole heap of fuss lately over the badly-publicised possibility of car parking charges being introduced at Chasewater, which has turned out to be not happening before public consultation, despite what posters put up around the site said.

This article was published a couple of weeks ago in the Cannock Chase Chronicle:

No Parking fees at Chasewater

Council bosses have announced that parking charges are not about to be introduced at Chasewater – but admitted that they may be in the future.

Signs put up at the beauty spot informed visitors that they would have to pay to leave their cars from this year.

However, Staffordshire County Council which manages Chasewater, have now confirmed that those signs have been taken down and that charges would not be introduced without a public consultation first.

Councillor Mark Winnington, economic growth chief, said: ‘We already charge at some of our car parks including Marquis Drive and Milford Common on Cannock Chase and are looking at the possibility of extending this to other car parks.

‘We are exploring the possibility of introducing a small charge for parking at Chasewater. The car parking fees will help to ensure we can run the park safely, as well as being able to use funds to reinvest in the park.

With another stunning PR triumph for the Park Management there, it’s to my relief that they’re now actually attempting to engage with the public by other means than merely stapling unfortunately-worded missives to trees: the wonderful Kate ‘Cardigan’ Gomez from Lichfield Lore (and Lichfield Discovered, of course) has been working on a survey to gauge park user’s views on a range of issues, and is inviting readers and park users to complete it.

Your views will count. You can visit the survey hat this link here.

Kate had this to say:


…To wildlife.

Hi Bob

Working in conjunction with Staffordshire County Council, we’re doing some community consultation and development work at Chasewater about how people use the site, how they’d like to see it develop in the future and what, if any role they might like to play in that. We’ve created an online survey to gather people’s view and there will also be paper copies available at various sites across Chasewater in due course. It was also a good opportunity to seek people’s views about the idea of car parking charges.

If you could share the survey, that’d be great. The online link is here. We also have two events planned to try and bring the community together, and I’ll let you know full details about these shortly. One is a microfunding event in March, called Chasewater Soup and the other, planned for the Summer, is a local history event about old photographs and memories of the park, called ‘Postcards from Chasewater’.

This is really just the start of the work and there are a lot of people we need to speak to, but wanted to give you a heads up about what’s going on, and also to ask for your help in promoting it, if you’re happy to.

Any questions about anything, just give me a shout,
Thanks as ever,
Kate Cardigan

I wholly support what Kate’s doing and always advise any interested party with five minutes to spare to complete consultation questionnaires: Contrary to popular belief these things do make a difference and its important our voices are heard.

While we’re on the subject of Chasewater I noticed this appeal for volunteers to man work parties at the park – they’re great fun, do essential work and are also a great way to get exercise, fresh air and meet new pals.

Why not give it a punt?


Chasewater needs you!

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5 Responses to Chasewater – your chance to have a say

  1. alan gough says:

    any fishing at chasewater park?

    • Phil stevens says:

      They sold all the fish when they drained the pool to repair the dam but refuse to restock with fish it could be a really good fishery .

      Not a happy fisherman

  2. Denise watson says:

    Hi I have read somewere there are plans to move the children’s park well why not a secured area for dogs so they can be let of the lead and play with other dogs and no worries about the birds being chased or killed

  3. Gary Bissell says:

    I cannot believe that fishing at chase water is no longer permitted. As a local lad (Pelsall) growing up this was a favourite venue for pike fishing. Can I ask if anyone can tell me why the no fishing has been introduced and on what grounds

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