Adrian Wigley: Funeral details announced


Arian Wigley, rest in peace. Image generously supplied by Simon Reeves.

Simon Reeves, friend of sadly departed son of Brownhills Adrian Wigley has been in touch to ask if I’d share with readers the details of Adrian’s funeral, which takes place on Friday 3rd February 2017.

Simon wrote:

Hello Bob

Would you please post details of Adrian’s funeral?

It takes place Friday 3rd February, 10:45am at Adrian’s house, or 11.00am at Streetly Crematorium.

There will be a donation bucket there for the Air Ambulance Charity if anyone would like to donate.

Detail of Adrian’s wake will follow when confirmed.


Thanks to Simon for keeping us informed, so very considerate – Simon, you’ll remember wrote the extraordinary tribute to Adrian I posed here earlier in the week.

My condolences, and those of the readers and the wider community to Simon and all who loved and knew Adrian.

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  1. Daniel Lewis Williams says:

    Is this Adrian Wigley who used to play the keyboards round Brownhills ?

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