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Ordnance Survey sheet 43/00, 1947 revision. Click for the full version – make take a while as it’s very large. Alternatively, use the gallery below.

Here’s the full version of that map I promised yesterday, the 1947 one with the curious markings – I’ve scanned it full size at 600DPI and stitched out properly into one image, so fill your boots.

This is a very large image, so you may want to use the mosaic gallery at the foot of the post – just click on a tile to view it.

Ordnance Survey Sheet 43/00, 1947 covering Brownhills, Chasetown, North Aldridge, Pelsall and Stonnall. It cost £2 from a chance find in a Rugeley secondhand shop.

I’m very curious as to the markings – manly enclosures – and who made them. Damn sure I recognise the handwriting here.

Any ideas? Comment here, or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Click on any tile to see the full size image.

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8 Responses to Inclosed and personal

  1. pattcl22 says:

    Hi Bob – Interested in the reservoir at Anglesea Sidings, Map Ref 057066. Not spotted it before. Of course the 22″ Railway Main between Sandfields and Walsall runs alongside – must investigate further. It’s also on the 25 inch maps.

  2. Clive says:

    Great o/s map, cheers Bob

  3. Martyn Duggan says:

    Love to see old maps. The references to Inclosures is the act of parliament which groups together fields and common land to create legal property rights for land which might have been considered common, which would allow for easier development and distinction of ownerships.

  4. Hilary says:

    Not sure whether this is relevant to solving the mystery but the markings labelled as Walsall Wood Inclosure don’t actually represent the whole area affected by the Inclosure awards. The map in the article “Enclosed Spaces” dated April 21st 2012 shows the whole area affected and it’s much bigger than on this map.

    • That’s what I thought.

      The person whose writing I though it might be hasn’t bitten, so I think he’;s off the hook!

      It’s a curious thing, particularly what’s going on on clay hanger common.


      • Hilary says:

        Looking at the * marks, both areas seem to correspond with areas on the Inclosure map labelled as “Little Wyrley Common” Parish of Norton Canes , Manor of Little Wyrley (Image 5541).

  5. aerreg says:

    just a shot in the dark had this map been used for a land surfay of the afect of coal seems in the airiers due to the fact of markers shown and comments there are trianguler points and also at one point a significant star agreat number o f outcroft semees were prominat the spot common being a victim of flooding just a thought HAPPY NEW YEAR from grandad god bless
    PS a crabtree single pole brown light switch cost one and nine pence inthe good old days

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