Taming a leopard


I think there was only one Leopard Inn in Sandhills. Can an expert qualify this please? Image posted on Geopgraph by Geoff M.

Having real problems with WordPress at the moment which is having an off day, so posting is difficult – sorry folks. Hopefully normal service resumes later.

Meanwhile, I had this enquiry in the week from reader Sarah Jones about the Leopard Inn in Sandhills, at the foot of Shire Oak. This is a subject that sporadically comes up here and I’m wondering if any of the researchers hereabouts might like to give a definitive answer?

I have a feeling the answer hinges on the plaque on the building at Sandhills which is ambiguous: it reads

The Old Leopard Inn – C1750-1911

If I recall correctly, the ‘old’ wasn’t part of the name?

We’ve mentioned it previously here and in this post, here. I have a feeling it was nailed definitively but it would be nice to get all the information together.

Good evening

I have seen on the Internet that you have been looking into the possibility that there were 2 Leopard Inn’s in Sandhills.

I think one member of my family Joseph Langley around 1850 was set up as a licensed victualler in the Leopard Inn, Sandhills further down the Walsall Road from the Boat Inn which I think they also ran around 1860.

Would you have any details that I could see that will confirm this information I have about my family member being involved with the 2 Inns?

I hope you don’t mind me asking. Thank you.

Kind regards
Sarah Jones

If you can help, please do – comment here please, or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks!

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  1. Andy Dennis says:

    All references I have found are “The Leopard” or “Leopard Inn”, that is no “old”. The census record for 1911 has Edward Ball, resident at “(Late) Leopard Inn”, so it appears the inn function ended in 1911 before the census on 2 April.

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    Sorry. “(Late) The Leopard”.

  3. Pedro says:

    1882 The Leopard, Sandhills was up for sale.

  4. Andy Dennis says:

    The 1851 census has at Sandhills Joseph Langley, 26, licensed victualler, born Midedleton, Warks. The pub / inn is not named. There was no other person at Sandhills with an pub-type occupation. By 1861 the landlord at The Leopard was George Lakin. The 1851 census is of no help re the Boat Inn, Summerhill. In the 1871 census the same Joseph Langley, farm labourer, is recorded bewteen Cranebrook Farm and Hilton Farm (so not at The Boat). The Boat is not named in the census and the only licensed victualler on Walsall Road is alexander Lakin, who from other sources ran the Red White & Blue. Some time a go I found Joseph Langley listed as licensee at The Boat in the Post Office Directory 1872, via Historical Directories – I am not going to revisit this site as the search engine is confusing and pathetic.

  5. Clive says:

    the OLD Leopard was located in Shenstone. And as Andy said the Leopard was located in Sandhills. I will be covering the Leopard plus othier pub’s in my next book.

    • Isobel says:

      Are you planning to cover the Old Bush at Pelsall? My grandparents ran it and I’d love to know more about it.

      • Clive L Roberts says:

        Hello Isobel. Sorry will only be covering Brownhills.
        Pelsall as had a lot of Pub’s over the years, and it’s not my area, but if you pop up to Walsall Local History Centre they have the Register of License to sell intoxicating liquer
        Doc number 492/4/1 there’s alot of Pelsall Pub’s covered.
        Cheers Clive

  6. David Evans says:

    is where I think we have discussed this some while ago
    kind regards

    • Thanks. I did actually link that from the post.

      The idea was that the discussion was a little ambiguous and I just thought we might clear it up once and for all in one place


  7. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    The former pub in Sandhills is not known by the name Leopard in living memory – source, my wife and her sister who grew up nearby – but, in family conversation this afternoon, I was again told that the former pub’s cellar was used by locals as their air raid shelter during the last conflict. The building was owned by a family called Arnold at the time.In former times Sandhills was in the parish of Shenstone, I believe. It is only in very recent years that the former pub has had a plaque adding the word”old” in the title, which may have given rise to some confusion.
    Oral family tradition here is also that dear old (Grannie)Jenny,mentioned in another blog article, played the piano in the bar occasionally, though this may refer to the Red White and Blue, another former pub in the vicinity. Perhaps there are records of , erm, unlicensed musical entertainment , attracting the attention of the local constabulary , before the Leopard closed down.
    kind regards

    • Heh – yes! Indeed.

      I think it’s the ‘old’ bit that confused people originally.

      The cellar still exists I think – when the house was recently up for sale I seem to recall it had been converted into either a home cinema or a bar. Nice looking place as I recall.

      We can dream 😉

      Best wishes

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