Shire Oak Pub set to reopen, Ogley Club and Drunken Duck close



Thanks to Matt on the Shire Oak Facebook group – the closed Shire Oak Pub is due to re-oipen end of November.

Sad news that over the last few days, Ogley Club in Ogley Road, Brownhills, has been unexpectedly shut – rumours circulate as to why, ranging from it’s being refurbished under new owners and other redevelopment proposals.

If I get any solid news, I’ll share it here – and I’d welcome contact from the owners with anything they’d like to share here regarding the popular club’s future.

Meanwhile, Matt from the wonderful Shire Oak group on Facebook has obtained a statement from the pub’s owners, Punch Taverns, that the closed hostelry will be reopening hopefully on the 30th November 2016 following ‘refurbishment’.

Readers will recall the pub was already refurbished extensively in 2015, and opened to somewhat middling reviews for food and service. It closed a couple of months ago, with many saying it would reopen within three weeks, but it has stayed closed. Recently, work has been going on so let’s hope that when this once popular house reopens and is a success.

Meanwhile, on Walsall Wood High Street, the Drunken Duck, andother once popular pub also closed suddenly at the beginning of October. Again, accounts vary markedly as the local rumour mill goes into overdrive, but there’s some thoughtful analysis on the wonderful Piglog by The Stymaster, who often used to frequent the place.

If you have news to share, or know anything, please don’t hesitate to mail me or comment: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Please note I may have to edit or withoold comments for legal reasons… your understanding is appreciated.


The Shire Oak junction just isn’t the same with the formerly bright lights of the landmark pub extinguished.

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9 Responses to Shire Oak Pub set to reopen, Ogley Club and Drunken Duck close

  1. It is always sad news when local community venues close down but not always bad news when some re-open reinvigorated.

    The news of the Drunken Duck reminds me of a question I was recently asked about pubs having their names changed. Was the Duck ever called the “Pistol Knight”? or could it have been the Watersplash before it became Barrons Court?

    The recollection is that it was at that end of Walsall Wood and the name did not last long as the local authorities noticed that when pronounced as three words not two it was not appropriate for a respectable hostelry.

    Anyone confirm this – or is it just the ramblings of someone who was pistol knight?

  2. Pat Coton says:

    Drunken Duck used to be the Hawthorn Inn.

  3. BOb Hackett says:

    The Water splash was the Primrose cafe

  4. Karen says:

    The drunken duck was tipplers for a while,after the hawthorn and before the drunken duck.

  5. Daz says:

    Won a meal and drinks voucher to the Shire Oak. Turn up several times , kitchen closed due to fire , chef gone home early etc. Then pub closes , then re opens again. Asked about booking to use voucher , only to be told , sorry mate , I’m not prepared to honour that voucher now !! Great bit of publicity for a newly opened pub , not !!!!!

    • I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect the new operators to honour vouchers issued by the previous operators, to be honest.

      From what I hear the food’s pretty good, though…


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