Coming soon: great Halloween kids party in Brownhills!


Why not bring the kids for some Halloween fun?

Friend of the blog Jamie Bailey has been in touch to ask if I’d give the Catshill Community Association Halloween children’s party event a plug – it takes place on Saturday 29th October 2016, at the Catshill Community Centre, Catshill Road, Brownhills, near Millfield School.

It’s running from 4-6pm, and only £1.50 for kids, and tickets can be purchased from Amanda on 01543 361958.

Jamie had this to say about the Catshill Community Association, which he’s involved with:

The Catshill Community Centre is a great place that has been fully refurbished by Walsall Housing Group for the local community to use.

There are a variety of users from toddler groups, women’s groups etc. We as a commitee are determined to get the centre used to its full capacity and bring back some of that community spirit that’s seems to be lacking.

We always welcome New committee members and would love to see new and old faces.

Catshill Community Centre,
60 Catshill Road,

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2 Responses to Coming soon: great Halloween kids party in Brownhills!

  1. jackie says:

    hi I was wondering if u hire the comunity center out .as I’m a private foster carer.and need a room so children can see there parents.

    • Hi

      Which community centre are you interested in?

      The Activity Centre on the Miner Island can be contacted on 01543 452119
      The Catshill centre lists it’s contact number as 01543 361958 on FB
      The Memorial Hall ‘Memo’ is on 01543 279424

      As fas as I know, all can be hired

      Clayhanger is currently, to the best of my knowledge, closed. I know there’s also a community room on Brownhills West, but I don’t have details for that, sorry.


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