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The view up Church Road hasn’t changed much in 165 years, as this hand-tinted postcard spotted on eBay shows.

Anyroad up…

I must say, last week’s St. James Centenary 1951 booklet, scanned by David Evans and so very generously supplied by Dorothy Ruddock  was much more popular than I expected – it’s a wonderful thing, but I never expected the level of interest shown.

In response to this, longstanding friend of the blog Patricia Cotton sent in great scans of a four page November 1942 ‘Ogley Hay and Brownhills Parish Magazine’ which is an absolute joy.

This publication shows a town and population bearing up during what must have been one of the darkest times of the war, with a British stoicism and resolve that’s remarkable.

Patricia had this today about this wonderful find:

Hi Bob,

Great booklet on St James Centenary, found it really interesting.

This got me thinking about my Ogley Hay and Brownhills Parish magazine from 1942. it has been kept in my old family Bible over the years, as the baptism of my sister Maureen Jean Hodgkins is in there, 8th Oct 1942.

She was baptised on the same day she was born as she only lived for eighteen hours. She was my mother’s first child.

Hope you find the rest of the information in there a little interesting, or maybe one or more of your readers may find a family member in there.

Kind regards,
Pat Coton.

Pat, thanks for sharing such a personal and intimate memory with us, and for such a lovely donation. I’m sure readers will love it.

On the points to note, this is issue 273. Are these booklets archived anywhere? It would be wonderful to get more online if possible. Can anyone help please?

Secondly, note the variant spelling of Brickiln Street. Typo, or nomenclature evolution?

Again, thanks to Patricia, and please do comment here or mail me if you have anything to add – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Click any page to see it full size. Scans courtesy of Patrica Cotton.

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