Now that was a real winter…


Looking down Occupation Road, Walsall Wood, towards Oak Park. Quantock Close would later be built where the fence is on the left. A great image from Dorothy Rudduck via David Evans.

Two more images from Dorothy Ruddock, that belong with the one featured here on Friday of Malcolm’s Mobile Shop – taken I think further up Occupation Road on the same day, and featuring the old School field before Quantock Close was built.

There’s no date given for these, but I think they must be late 1970s or early 80s when I remember we had a few really snowy winters.

I miss weather like this: wonder if we’ll get some this year?

Thanks to Dorothy and David for yet more wonderful images from the past – and if you remember those winters or this place, please do share your recollections. Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at google mail dot com. Cheers.


I think this is looking across the school field where Quantock Cloise is now, and those would be the houses on Lichfield Road. Image kindly supplied by Dorothy Ruddock via David Evans.

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4 Responses to Now that was a real winter…

  1. Alan Dawson. says:

    These are photo`s that take me back Shire Oak School Rugby Pitch & A view of the whole length of Occupation Road ,When we used get winters with plenty snow .

    • Patrick Hall says:

      i spent many happy hours on those Rugby pitches, maybe a little less snow of course but painful recollections of barefoot cross country a little less happy

  2. Julie says:

    Who remembers crawling under the (very bent ) metal gate opposite the bungalow to sledge down the slope on your mom’s tea tray ??? The same thing on a Saturday morning to watch “The Old Oaks Rugby Team ” play … Miss Granfield or Miss Davies sending us off round the perimeter on the dreaded cross country run … Who also ran up Occupation Rd in the dark because it seemed that the houses were watching you eerie

  3. Norman Taylor says:

    Are there any photographs of the Cape in 1947.

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