Part of the Union and more auction curiosities

As I expected when I posted, the curious image of Union Ro… has triggered an interesting debate – I must admit to thinking it probably wasn’t Brownhills, but one reader has responded with an interesting aspect – and I hope local history author, Shire Oak expert and certified Walsall Wood Mon ™ Clive Roberts is passing and can maybe help.

So, here’s the image in question, spotted on eBay in this sale from Uncletomcobleyandall:


A picture has appeared on eBay, thought to be of Brownhills Carnival. But is it? Image from sale by Uncletomcobleyandall

Old friend or the blog Sheila Norris has been in touch with a very interesting observation, which I’d appreciate reader views on. She wrote:

Dear Bob,

Could the gentleman on the far left of this picture be the same one as in the attached photo? The attached is cropped from a photo of a group taken at Shire Oak Brewery (which was behind the pub).

The seated child is my grandfather, son of the landlord Joseph Southall (who is also in the Brewery photo) He looks about 10 in the photo, would you say? That would make the year round about 1900, so a lot earlier than the Brownhills Carnival film.

Best wishes,
Sheila Norris


Well, it looks possible to me… Image kindly supplied by Sheila Norris.

Well, that looks possible to me, but that also raises the question of why a man would be present in a brewery group photo and at some kind of temperance movement parade. Who knows? Contributions most welcome – and Sheila, if you are able to supply the full image of this one (or point me to it here, my memory is not what it was!) I’d really appreciate it. I can’t place it, and the picture looks fascinating!

It’s worth revisiting the original article also for the comments: Brian Edwards and Peter Cutler in particular make some interesting points.

Please, if you have anything to add, feel free to join the conversation – comment here, or mail me. BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Meanwhile a couple of other postcard finds on the tat bazaar have piqued my interest… this one is stated as ‘general view, Chasetown’ and looks to me a bit like it’s taken from Anglesey Basin. Is it?

Yorkshirebidding is selling it starting at nine pounds.


This postcard is of ‘Chasetown’ – but the shape of the waterway looks to me like Anglesey Basin at the foot of Chasewater Dam. If so, what’s the house in the middle ground? This one has me puzzled. Image taken from eBay sale posted by Yorkshirebidding.


For comparison, Anglesey Basin as shown on Bing! Maps.

Featured for no other reason than it’s a nice picture, this one of Stonnall, from Thornes could be yours for thirteen quid – any idea of a date, please?


An interesting postcard for the Stonnall wallah. Some interesting lost buildings in view there – any idea on the date? Image from an eBay sale by Yorkshirebidding.

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8 Responses to Part of the Union and more auction curiosities

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    Interesting pics! I think it really is Chasetown. On the 1880s OS there is a track leading from near the canal end up to Pavior’s Row, where there were two terraces – this line can mostly be foolwed today. And the middle-ground cottages are shown! I think the cluster of buildings just right of centre on the horizon are on Norton Lane, Burntwood, including a pub which I think was named the Blue Ball, but I will check that. I can also make out the railway embankment carrying the line down to Anglesey Sidings. The houses on the extreme left must be on Church Road, not quite far enough along for the church itself.

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    On 1882 OS Ball Inn on Chasetown Road (now Chase Road leading from Swan Island to Queen Street). News article 1950 refers old Blue Ball Inn. Lots of articles include Ball Inn and Blue Ball Inn, Burntwood.

  3. stuart says:

    Evening chaps,
    The walk from Chasetown down paviours row used to take you over the railway line then down to a small brook that was crossed by stepping on house bricks,logs etc then the path was at a slight incline and those houses mid frame used to come up on the left just before the canal.(you’ve put up a photo before Bob where you could just make them out) I think my old mate’s grandfather lived in one of them,the Bloxham family.I have vague memories of walking past there,early 60s on my way to the cafe where my mother worked,I can remember seeing a woman with her hair in a bun hanging the washing out…funny the things you remember.
    Stuart (chasewater childhood contributor)

  4. aerreg says:

    morning all re the house in the angelsey basen yes it was the home of the bloxham family lovely folk mr bloxham worked at the now derelect house in paviours row while my finger is active the temperence photograph i believe there is a brownhills in the stoke on trent area and charles wesley was very active in that part of the world possible connection finaly as i recall castings was next to the chemi the garden centre iis the other side of the bridge down in the dip where the old brownhills council used to be to quote a modern saying buy one get one free god bless

  5. Clive says:

    Hello Bob & Sheila. Looking at the photo clip that Sheila as sent in, I would say it’s about 1900 to 1910 (could do with seeing the full photo to be sure, the bloke in question looks younger on the top photo, yet there must be at least 20 years later when the top photo was taken, but I’m no expert. by the way, hello Sheila trust you are keeping well.

    • Sheila Norris ( nee Jones) says:

      Hi Clive,
      Have sent Bob the full picture with a few notes which I hope he can also forward to you (seem to have lost your address, sorry). Yes, all fine here, thank you. You too, I hope? Sheila.

  6. Clive says:

    Hello Sheila. I’m fine thanks for asking. Ok on you have sent Bob the photo and some info, look forward to seeing it. By the way, should have a new book out this christmas, this one is all about old local pub’s of Brownhills. The book will to be in two parts, part one as 16 pubs listed with loads of info. Best wishes Clive

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