Shire Oak for sale… in 1846


Click for a larger version. Image courtesy David Evans.

Here’s a curious thing I’ve been meaning to run for a few weeks now – noted local historian Sir Gerald of Reece, now resident in Devon (from whom, more later this week) has recently been in communication with David Evans, and amongst other goodies, has sent the above poster.

The poster details an extensive sale of land and property in the Brownhills, Shire Oak and Stonnall area, and is dated 10th June 1846. What we’d like to know is who was the original seller (Mr. Harris is an auctioneer, not the original seller), and how the sale of so much property came to happen?

I’ve had a delve in the newspaper archive and can’t find reference to the sale at all (although a more experienced archive trawler may well find something I’m too stupid to see)…

David wrote:

Hi Bob

Shire Oak for sale, but why?

This amazing poster was given to me by Brownhills historian Gerald Reece. The details, places and persons will be of immense interest to readers , I feel sure

The poster was too big for me to scan so I had to resort to camera , focus and prayer to obtain these images.

My sincere thanks are offered to Gerald Reece for his generosity.


Some closeups feature below – any ideas?

My thanks to David and Gerald, and if you can help, please do – comment here or mail me: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers….


Click for a larger version. Image courtesy David Evans.


Click for a larger version. Image courtesy David Evans.


Click for a larger version. Image courtesy David Evans.

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10 Responses to Shire Oak for sale… in 1846

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    Thanks, Bob and, of course, Gerald.

    Could this be to do with an Enclosure Act? I’ll see if I can find anything in Hansard.


  2. Pedro says:

    There is a reference to this sale in June 1846 in much the same format, so not giving any clues.

    However there is also a sale earlier in February put down as Shenstone with similar but different places, but some same name of occupiers crop up.

    • Pedro says:

      There is a note at the bottom of the sale…several lots adjoin the turnpike, many very eligibly situated for building… Lands of excellent quality, and offer desirable opportunities for investment….The Rectorial Tithes (except a few) have been agreed under the Tithe Commutation Act…..

      • Pedro says:

        Later in 1848 there is also a sale by Mr Harris..upward of 73 acres of excellent land divided into convenient inclosures

    • Pedro says:

      George Wright is down as a farmer in Over Stonnal, in the 1834 White’s directory

  3. Pedro says:

    While in White’s of 1834, note there are…

    Jas and Geo Brawn, lime merchants and brickmakers at Sand Hill.
    Mrs Jane Brawn at Nether Stonnal.
    Rd Brawn Lime Merchant, Lanehouse, Lynne

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