Pictures from the second Brownhills Big Tidy

Last Wednesday saw the second instalment of the Brownhills Big Tidy event, with Brownhills Town Centre Partnership, Tesco, Walsall Council’s Clean and Green team, Community Payback and volunteers doing more work to remove litter-trap shrubs and create bark chip beads in Brownhills.

The Big Tidy has been planned and co-ordinated by the Town Centre Partnership’s Diane Mansell, who really did a great job. All this work supports the Brownhills in Bloom project, which sees volunteers plant and maintain flower boxes, tubs and baskets throughout Brownhills over the summer – the rescheduled planting event for which takes place next Monday, 13th June 2016 from 10am – meet at Brownhills Activity Centre.

My congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped and came together without fuss just to make a grotty bit of our town a whole lot better.

I hear on the grapevine that thanks to the Partnership, we’re also due for some new litter bins, too. Great news. You can read more on the Parnership’s Facebook page.

Yes, it’d be lovely if absentee landlords could be made two face their responsibilities with regard to Ravens Court, but in the meantime, it’s wonderful that the community can come together to make things better.

Thanks to you all – true Brownhills champions!

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  1. Ken Briggs says:

    May I thank all the people for making brownhills looking nice

  2. well done people of Brownhills, I live ion the south coast now but spent most of my life in Brownhills as a lad I used to deliver papers for mr Thomlinson, go pig killing with harry pike at spinks es butchers in the high street. and work on the farm in my school holidays . i. love the place of my birth maybe when I am well again I will pay another visit and see some of my old friends . brian williams

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