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It’s a large site and it’s so good to see something being done with it at last. Image from Walsall Housing Group video.

Here’s a quick one that will be of interest to many who are keenly watching the building works around the former area of Silver Court Gardens in Brownhills – a wonderful, professionally produced drone flyover of the site, posted on YouTube by Walsall Housing Group.

It came to my attention after it was posted in a Facebook group – I think it’s a wonderful this and worth a watch. My thanks to the two gentlemen in whose conversation the video cropped up.

It’s so nice to see something actually being developed on this land after over a decade empty, and it’s also nice to see Brownhills from such an unusual viewpoint. I’ve been sceptical about the use of drones but this is really fascinating.

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7 Responses to Air born

  1. edwina says:

    Thanks for that Bob, it was most interesting. Nice to see that the council can afford such niceties, whilst ratching up our rates once again.

  2. brian stringer says:

    Negative comments without research is an inbuilt character in some I’m afraid.

  3. Sandra says:

    We lived in the flats at Silver Court Gardens until we were moved to a new housing estate in Shelfield in 1967. My mom still lives in that house.

  4. Sheila k says:

    Thanks for posting this Bob. My mother-in-law lived in the end bungalow until a couple of years ago so it was quite an emotional thing to watch.

    Great to see so much investment in new homes in Brownhills.

  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    thanks for posting this video. The development is shaping up well, indeed.
    kind regards

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