Unauthorised Encampments in Brownhills and Clayhanger: Action Underway

Thanks for all the messages and tipoffs, folks. Brownhills Councillor Steve Wade points out on his blog and Facebook that the council are acting fast and undertaking the usual legal process with regards to illegal encampments underway currently in Brownhills at the former market site and Northfields Way, Clayhanger.



Councillor Steve Wade

Untitled 9There are currently two illegal encampments in Brownhills and Clayhanger: Northfields Way and Brownhills Old Market Square.

The council are aware and the necessary legal proceedings have been instigated.

Really have been trying to get Northfields Way sorted since last year with officers from the council. I know the Area Partnership Manager has been very pro-active, but we need to really push this now, Enough is Enough down there. They obviously know they can go there without any challenge.

Need to push the council and pressure them to sort this situation as soon as possible! I will keep going on this until something is finally done.

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