Pictures from the Brownhills Big Tidy

big tidy25

Image from Diane Mansell. Top work, folks – proud of you.

Last Thursday, the Brownhills Big Tidy event took place, featuring volunteers, Brownhills Town Centre Partnership, Walsall Council’s Clean and Green folks, Community Payback and a team from Tesco – and they all worked together to remove a huge amount of refuse, detritus and wind-trap shrubbery from the area between Ravens Court and Tesco.

The Big Tidy was planned and co-ordinated by the Town Centre Partnership’s Diane Mansell, who really did a great job. A huge quantity of material was removed in a long day of hard work – skips were filled, flytipping was cleared and shrubbery cut right back before borders were bark chipped.

My congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped and came together without fuss just to make a grotty bit of our town a whole lot better. Diane is currently planning phase two of the project, and I’m sure both I and you readers will join is wishing her and the team all the best.

Yes, it’d be lovely if absentee landlords could be made two face their responsibilities with regard to Ravens Court, but in the meantime, it’s wonderful that the community can come together to make things better.

Thanks to you all – true Brownhills champions!

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8 Responses to Pictures from the Brownhills Big Tidy

  1. Brilliant Job from all concerned, well done looks great

  2. alvin cox says:

    looks like a job very well done

  3. I see that certain parties are treating the event as their own. No surprise there then

    • Yes. I noticed that.

      What I find in life is that people are pretty good at spotting the insincere and opportunist. This event was clearly a well organised, all day event planned by a caring, community spirited team.

      I salute them.

      It appears to me that lessons taught in North Walsall (and south to a lesser extent) in the last election haven’t been absorbed in some quarters.


  4. Denis says:

    The work around Ravenscourt has transformed the area, everyone involved should be proud. Hope this can become a template for further projects and restore some of Brownhills neglected areas.

  5. Rob says:

    Thought the Council were chasing up the Ravens Court landlords to do something about the eyesore

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